Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Autonomous Learners’ Metacognitive Awareness Development with the Help of Trello Board
Anna Kalizhanova, Bayan Ibrayeva, Margarita Ishmuratova

Last modified: 07-05-2018


This article focuses on the necessity and inevitability of organization of ESL students’ self-work with the help of free online platform Trello Board. The authors point out that the use of such information and communication technology as Trello Board increases learners’ metacognitive awareness of self-regulation and self-assessment in ESL. The authors also indicate the facilitation of active feedback between ESL learners and their instructor as well as peer-review. The authors share their experience of the use of Trello Board in the educational ecosystem of Bolashak Academy in Kazakhstan. According to the authors, Trello Board provides a broad range of features to control students, maintain their level of motivation, and develop their collaboration in various project works or academic writing tasks.


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