Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Traditional learning approach versus gamification: an example from psychology
Maria Limniou, Rosie Mansfield

Last modified: 07-05-2018


Teaching research methods and statistics in Psychology is a known pedagogic challenge due to students’ varied mathematical aptitude, prior knowledge and attitudes towards modules. The aim of this investigation was to study student perspectives of an interactive learning approach for the first year practical class of a “Research Methods and Statistics” psychology module based on problems and games. The approach was developed by integrating problem-based learning and games supported by Kahoot and PollEverWhere (Web 2.0 applications). Two groups of first year psychology students (20 persons per group) attended practical classes based on an interactive and a traditional approach but following a different attending order (1. interactive and 2. traditional approach or vice versa) and completed two online surveys. Overall, the interactive approach was perceived to significantly improve student learning experience by promoting active and collaborative learning though the use of real research study applications and formative feedback.

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