Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Acquisition of general competences using project-based learning
Francisco Laport, Adriana Dapena, Paula M. Castro, Francisco J. Vazquez-Araujo

Last modified: 08-05-2018


During years, professors of higher education focused on the outcome of the assimilation of information through learning (i.e., in the acquisition of knowledge).  In a European context, the Bologna Process has accelerated and spread the process of defining explicit learning outcomes for higher education programs, including those in terms of general competences and transferable skills.

Our teaching experience in engineering degrees have shown that these students have difficulties for understanding the math basics of some disciplines. For greater effectiveness in knowledge acquisition, we consider as an essential issue the inclusion of laboratory activities based on computer simulations performed using software. For acquiring those general competences and transferable skills, our proposal also includes several projects in which our students must develop skills such as communication, teamwork or problem solving. We have observed that such projects allow students the development of their creativity, an improvement in oral and written communication, and also an optimal training for the B.S. degree project work and even for their future professional life.

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