Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Implementation of game methods in the preparation of management personnel
Mikhail Vasilievich Vinichenko, Alexander Vasilievich Melnichuk, Sergey Anatolievich Makushkin

Last modified: 14-02-2020


The search for increasing the effectiveness of training leads to the use of innovative technologies, which include gaming. The purpose of this article was to identify the extent and nature of the introduction of gaming methods in the educational process of the Russian State Social University. The paper used a comparative analysis of students and teachers assessment of management training using the gaming of the educational process. The empirical basis was the results of a sociological survey conducted using the Google Forms online service. 48 teachers and 178 students took part in the sociological survey. As a result, it was possible to establish that the introduction of gaming in the university is controversial. Despite the understanding of the usefulness of gaming by university employees, only 29% of teachers constantly use gaming methods. Students are dissatisfied with this, noting that gaming techniques are either fragmented (54%) or not used at all (37%). Students with a desire to participate in classes with gaming methods, especially in an integrated business game. Achievement of students' success at the class increases their social status. The study showed that the potential for gaming is not fully used.

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