Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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The impact of a teacher´s motivational influence on pupils´emotional experience
Mariana Sirotova, Alzbeta Lobotkova

Last modified: 08-05-2018


It is necessary to pay increased attention to the managing of emotions, to motivation and empathy, which requires most of all an individual approach to pupils in the process of teaching. This scientific study focuses on motivating and demotivating reactions of teachers and their impact on positive and negative emotional experiences of pupils during lessons. Our goal was to find out, if there are differences between emotional experiences of pupils taught by teachers, whose motivating had a positive character, and pupils of those teachers, whose motivating had a negative character. We have executed a quantitative research supplemented by a qualitative analysis. The research sample consisted of students of higher secondary education and their teachers from secondary vocational schools in the Trenčín district. Ten teachers and 375 students had been included in the research. We have identified the differences with the help of a method of microteaching analysis with the use of analytical scheme AS9 (author is Miron Zelina) and a modified version of the Questionnaire of Emotional Experience. The questionnaire contains entries focusing on positive and negative experiences. In both variables we have observed a statistically significant difference with students taught by Teacher 10, whose motivating had a negative character.

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