Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Advanced teaching module for the course "Theory of Probability and Statistics" based on a recurrent test system with an incremental level of complexity and dynamical case studies
Ekaterina Pavlovna Mochalina, Galina Vladimirovna Ivankova, Oleg Veniaminovicha Tatarnikov

Last modified: 08-05-2018


This paper presents an innovative approach to teaching the discipline ‘Theory of probability and statistics ‘, which based on recurrent test system with an incremental level of complexity and on a dynamic block of case studies generated by information received online (by using Thomson-Reuters informational terminals). The model of the so-called "recurrent testing" allows to increase significantly the student's knowledge level. The idea is to build such a system of successive tests, which takes into account at each subsequent step the results of the previous one, thereby each time modifying the task to the level of the tested and gradually increasing its level of knowledge, and, consequently, the quality of learning as a whole. It is important that, regardless of the starting point the recurrent testing system converges quickly to the trainee's knowledge level. The method is also described by the case study 'Modeling of the stages of development of the company based on real data'. The adequacy of conclusions obtained with this approach have been shown, that is an additional advantage of the proposed model of learning.

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