Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Student and instructor attitudes toward CALL and MALL in the L2 classroom
James W. Pagel, Stephen Lambacher, Hisayo Kikuchi, Sachiho Mori

Last modified: 10-05-2018


As part of an ongoing study focusing on language learner and instructor attitudes toward the use of computers and mobile devices in second language (L2) learning contexts, the authors attempt to identify to what degree language instructors value the use of computers and mobile devices in their teaching. We compare the responses of a survey administered to an “in-house” group of instructors within two faculties of a private university in Tokyo, Japan, with the responses collected from a similar survey administered to instructors solicited through various CALL organizations. The number of respondents of the “in-house” survey during the first three years was relatively low; however, in the final year was considerably much higher, with the number from both full-time and part-time staff totaling 34. The total number of survey respondents from the CALL organizations totaled 121, with the participants’ places of employment ranging from Europe to the Asia Pacific Rim. In addition to offering an interpretation of a sampling of the Likert scale items found on the surveys, the authors focus on comparing the responses offered by both groups of instructors regarding which skills they focused on in the CALL classroom, as well as what mobile applications they encouraged their students to use.

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