Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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University classroom interactive situation microanalysis: cognitive attunement and pedagogical interpretation
Isaac Calduch, Gabriel Hervas, Beatriz Jarauta Borrasca, José Luís Medina

Last modified: 09-05-2018


This conference paper aims to elucidate the attuning processes between teacher knowledge and the learning moment of the students, in interactive situations within the university classroom, under a situated perspective and in real-time; specifically, in relation to the process of didactical interpretation. An episode performed by an expert teacher is analyzed; it took place in the Clinical Nursing subject of the nursing degree and was about the use of the physiological serum in certain situations. The analysis focuses on the interaction between the teacher and the students, adopting a research methodology close to the ethnography of communication -in its microethnographic aspect-, adopting the sequence S-T-S' (student-teacher-student) as the unit of analysis. The results show how the teacher has the ability to evaluate the appropriateness of the students’ interventions in situ, thanks to which she is able to adjust her response (dynamic coupling), generating a pedagogic resonance. Concurrently, it can also be seen how, beyond tuning in with a particular student, she manages to tune in with the rest of the class (collective attunement).

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