Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Flipped classroom and ICTs as the tools to reach key competences
David Sanchez Peñaranda, Carmen Naturil Alfonso, Francisco Marco Jiménez, José Salvador Vicente Antón

Last modified: 09-05-2018


The contemporary society demands proffessionals with competences directly conected to information and communication technology (ICT). In fact, the ICTs have registered a relevant advance through last decades, making possible the implantation of new educational strategies like: the inverted or flipped model. Nevertheless, ICT have been used in a superficial manner at educational system, even at higher education system.The aim of the present work will be the description of an innovative teaching programme which proposes the implantation of flipped classroom using ICTs to reach the key competences in two environments: students using English as foreign/second-language and students using Spanish as first language.The key competences will be developed through 5 e-learning activities. The students, outside of the classroom, will perform the tasks using ICTs and afterwards delivering the competence evidence. Once in classroom, the students should make a presentation of their work and open discussion will be performed.The teacher based on the indicators of achievement and competence evidence will be able to assess the grade of fulfillment of the key competence. Finally, the effectiveness of the teaching project will be evaluated making the comparison between the competence achievement before and after teaching programme implantation.

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