Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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A study on assessment results in a large scale Flipped Teaching Experience
Carlos Turró, Juan Carlos Morales, Jaime Busquets-Mataix

Last modified: 09-07-2018


During the last academic year, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) developed a large scale experience in flipped teaching (FT), with 64 different courses and 3083 students (2512 unique). Teachers could decide to participate in the experience on their own, and in quite a number of courses we have groups with FT and groups without it. Assessment of the students was done using classical systems (mostly written exams).

Evaluation of the experience was done through several ways: First we did a qualitative survey to teachers and students, and then we carried out an analytical study about the results of the assessments, comparing between years, between FT and classical courses and also internally in the courses with FT and classical groups. Results of this analysis show that students like the FT system and that they got statistically significant better results in the classical assessments, with at least a 5% gain. Also we have no correlation results with the perceived teacher quality and the student group size. So this study allows to verify the capabilities of FT approach in higher educational institutions.

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