Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Procrastination: the poor time management among university students
Carmen Naturil-Alfonso, David Sánchez Peñaranda, Jose Salvador Vicente, Francisco Marco-Jiménez

Last modified: 10-05-2018


Academic procrastination is a fact related to the delay or postpone of academic work until last minute. This phenomenon is evident in a vast majority of university students, and its occurrence is increasing. In order to analyse possible causes and/or solutions, we studied if longer time for accomplishing an assignment incentives or avoids procrastination among university students. Results showed that both short and long time-frame groups tended to procrastinate in the same way. Additionally, academic grades did not revealed differences between groups, as the procrastination was the same between groups. Thus, this study shows that even with longer period of time to accomplish a task, university students tend to procrastinate, and thus seem to have a negative effect on their assignment grades. Therefore, it seems a current problem and measures should be developed in order to solve it.

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