Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Responsible Research and Innovation: an opportunity to develop creative skills at Higher Education
Gemma Rodríguez, Núria Saladié, Gema Revuelta, Clara Vizuete, Carolina Llorente, Mar Carrió

Last modified: 09-07-2018


During the last decades, research and innovation have experienced a revolution that has lead to new challenge, and creativity has been identified as a main skill for professional success. In this context, not only concerns about involving society in research and innovation processes have been increasing but also to make this process responsible. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) has been defined as the approach for making research and innovation a collaborative, intergenerational and democratic process. The HEIRRI project aims to integrate RRI at all stages of education with the creation of different programs in Higher Eduaction. The aim of this study is assess how creativity has been developed in an RRI framework in the HEIRRI Summer School programme troughout an Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) approach. On the basis of the results, this paper highlights that the IBL approach, but also the RRI framework foster creativity development in a research proposal design but also that have an impact on how researchers’ perceive their profession. This paper concludes that integral elements of this pedagogical approach and RRI, such as discussion, multidisciplinarity and including different voices and perspectives are main ingredients to promote creativity in research and innovation processes and have a transformative potential.

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