Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Digital scriptum – novel approach of student experiment preparation
Nikolas Roß, Robert Kuska, Iris Rieth, Sulamith Frerich

Last modified: 10-05-2018


In mechanical engineering, students pass several seminars aiming at selfconducted experiments and trials. In the ELLI project (Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering Science), different virtual and remote laboratories have been installed within the three engineering departments at the Ruhr-University Bochum. The preparation in a classic experiment is usually done with a classic paper print scriptum. This is not suitable for a virtual or remote laboratory, since, amongst others, no supervision is provided. Due to that, a classic scriptum has been transferred in a digital scriptum based on the Open Source software “Adapt Learning” and has been extended by various implemented digital items. This contribution is discussing preliminary student experiences and identified prospective improvements. It turns out that the digital scriptum is suitable for the preparation of virtual and remote laboratories but can be an excellent alternative to the classic printout scriptum in a student experiment in a hands on laboratory as well.

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