Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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NeuroBoricuas: a novel approach for incorporating neuroscience education in schools of Puerto Rico
Christian Bravo-Rivera, Manuel Díaz-Ríos, Ariadna Aldarondo-Hernández, Bermary Santos-Vera, Liorimar Ramos-Medina, María Inés De Jesús-Burgos, Héctor Bravo-Rivera, Aranza Torrado, Ernesto Cabezas-Bou, Fabiola Cruz-Lopez, Jennifer Colón-Mercado, Jose Otero-Rivera, Kimberleve Rolon-Reyes, Miguel Mendez-Gonzalez, Yancy Ferrer-Acosta, Astrid Zayas-Santiago, Flavia Tejeda, Amelia Merced, Zarcaly Quintero-Martinez, Alicia Landivar, Luis Colon-Cruz, Jonathan Crooke-Rosado, David Rivera-Aponte, Agnes Acevedo-Canabal, María A Sosa-Lloréns, Eduardo Quijano-Rivera

Last modified: 11-05-2018


Puerto Rico is in dire need of transforming its education system to counter the current economic recession and ensure a future with talented Puerto Ricans at the forefront of scientific research and technology development.  Here we present a group of neuroscientists and educators, the NeuroBoricuas, committed to revolutionize the scientific culture of Puerto Rico by incorporating neuroscience research training and inquiry-based activities in public and private schools. We carry out our vision through diverse methods, such as community outreach activities, where we promote neuroscience literacy using diverse learning activities. In parallel, we are designing a neuroscience course and textbook with educators to be implemented in schools. We also established neuroscience laboratories in K-12 schools and trained science teachers to manage such laboratories, using equipment from the company “Backyard Brains”. These laboratory experiences are integrated into the academic curriculum in high schools and the equipment is also available for students interested in designing their independent research projects. Lastly, we are expanding a network of committed scientists who partner with educators to help nurture future neuroscientists early in their academic endeavors. Here, we describe our trajectory and our approach to transform scientific education in Puerto Rico.

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