Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Sharing system of learning resources for adaptive strategies of scholastic remedial intervention
Alice Barana, Luigi Di Caro, Michele Fioravera, Francesco Floris, Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino

Last modified: 28-05-2018


This paper presents a model for school remedial, focusing on improving the digital materials sharing process for the diversification of tutoring strategies. The model involves the characterization of materials for automatic assessment shared within a community of tutors. The characterization expects materials to be linked with natural language descriptors explicating their intended instructional objectives. The possibility of implementing a recommendation system on the basis of natural language processing techniques is discussed taking in consideration an analysis of the application of the model within a local-scale project. Clustering techniques searching for materials that have the same educational purposes but involve the activation of different cognitive processes are proposed, in order to continuously extend the database of shared materials in favour of the effectiveness of ongoing tutoring actions. The results collected from questionnaires submitted to students, tutors, and teachers involved in the project are shown, and clustering data are discussed highlighting the feasibility of the application of the model.

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