Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Networks that Cross the Boundaries of the Classroom: A Quasi-Experimental Study of University Students
José Alberto Benítez-Andrades, Isaías García, Carmen Benavides, Javier Pérez-Paniagua, Pilar Marqués-Sánchez, Mercedes Reguera

Last modified: 25-06-2019


Currently there is a trend towards facilitating multidisciplinary research and collaborations between different faculties and/or multi-university collaboration. In order to achieve standardization, we believe that this culture should begin with the teaching-learning processes. This research has investigated collaborative work between nursing students and computer engineering students. To analyze the group response, an analysis of the contacts was carried out through Social Network Analisys, pre- and post-intervention. The student networks analyzed were friendship, collaboration and negative networks. The results show that the intervention had a positive impact on networks among students, creating greater cohesiveness due to the resources they shared. The research adds useful evidence for proposing innovative and multidisciplinary strategies in terms of  networks.

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