Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Design of the UX Laboratory for the Department of Communications
Juraj Fabus, Viktoria Fabusova

Last modified: 25-06-2019


The aim of this paper is to design a laboratory suitable for UX (User eXperience) testing. The theoretical part identifies basic problems when designing products from a customer perspective. The analytical part consists of the research of the existing UX laboratories in the world as well as the possibilities of using such a laboratory in the activities of the Department of Communications or the whole faculty. In the case of the Department of Communication, which is part of the Žilina University in Žilina, the possibilities of using UX laboratories are different, for example: improving the learning process, providing modern and interesting education, helping to create student presentations, websites and its design, work on research and scientific projects, training of marketing methods. We are discussing these options in detail in this paper. The UX Laboratory can also be used to support scientific and research tasks. In the design part, a laboratory is designed both technically and economically in the environment of the Department of Communications.

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