Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Teaching4Learning@UNIPD to promote faculty development at the University of Padua, Italy: the experience of the Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine School
Barbara Cardazzo, Giuseppe Radaelli, Angela Trocino, Lucia Bailoni, Edward Taylor, Monica Fedeli

Last modified: 24-06-2019


Teaching4Learning@UNIPD started in 2016, and it representes the first step for the University of Padua to foster innovative teaching in response to European recommendations. It encourages faculty to experiment with new teaching strategies; involves students and promotes their active participation in educational activities; de-privatizes teaching; and has progressively increased the number of faculty learning communities. It was initiated by faculty who self-selected to participate and who had a significant inclination to enhance their approach to teaching and learning. The School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine joined the T4L@UNIPD programme organizing a first level course and is currently participating in a second level course. The study of several differents strategies, tools and actions were included in the course and their application in teaching are now in progress.

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