Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Pluricultural competence and VIQTORIA didactic model action in Spanish as a Foreign Language learning systems
Artevic Holgueras Galán, Anna Doquin de Saint-Preux, Rocío Santamaría Martínez

Last modified: 25-06-2019


This paper is about  a didactic action model named VIQTORIA that intervenes in the process of pluricultural competence acquisition. This work aims to characterize how the postulates of the VIQTORIA model are fulfilled on printed and digital learning systems commonly used in Spanish as a Foreign Language teaching. In order to achieve that, five criteria support the creation of a corpus that classifies 10 learning systems into two categories. The systems are characterized using a diagnostic tool composed of 338 items grouped in 60 parameters, which are distributed in 9 blocks. These blocks capture the four postulates of VIQTORIA: the qualification of the competition, the structuring of the thematic core, the didactic iteration and the operativization of the skills acquisitions device, as well as the constructs that operationalize the pluricultural competence: the Sociocultural Proximity and the Linguistic Posture. The quantitave nature of the diagnostic tool favors the triangulation of results. However, this work is part of a broader heuristic investigation in which the emergence of theory is predominant. Even though the results suggest a considerable room for improvement, the systems analysed, by their digital nature, are involved in constant evolution which could lead to them overcoming the limitations of the traditional teaching-learning paradigm.

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