Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Collaborative creation between students and teachers for the development of an evaluation gameboard in class.
Yenny A Real, Jairo A. Hurtado

Last modified: 25-06-2019


Prehispanopolis is the result of a pedagogical, dynamic and innovative proposal for teaching, learning and evaluation of students through the creation of a board game developed between teacher and students. As part of the activities of evaluation, the students are proposed to create a game that involves the subjects and concepts of the course, and it can later be used as an evaluation tool.The pilot test was conducted in the subject called Arquitectura Hispanoamericana (Hispano-American Architecture) of the Architecture program and limited to pre-Hispanic architecture and urbanism, hence the origin of the name of the game.The main objective in the proposal of the creation of this game is to generate greater motivation and interest in students for learning in classes that have high theoretical content and are passive, monotonous and dense both in its content and in its class methodology. History of architecture meets these characteristics among students, for this reason it was decided to start with the project in this class.Results show a high motivation and participation of the students, both in the development of the game and at the time of being used as an evaluation tool. Likewise, the academic results corresponding to the subjects evaluated with the game were improved.Keywords: Boardgame, game-based learning, gamification, motivation, methodology.

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