Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Doing Math Modelling Outdoors- A Special Math Class Activity designed with MathCityMap
Matthias Ludwig, Simone Jablonski

Last modified: 03-07-2019


The use of smartphones in classrooms is unfortunately due to the restriction legislated by administrations not very popular. With the MathCityMap project (MCM) we show one possibility to use the own mobile device in a substancial and authentic learning environment. MathCityMap combine the well known math trail idea with the current technological possibilities of mobile devices. The MathCityMap is a two component system. The first component is  a webportal (www.mathcitymap.eu) which served as a open access database for authentic math problems in the environment. The other component, the MCM-App, shows on a map where in the environment the problems are hidden. Additional it  provides hints, feedback and a sample solution. To solve such an authentic MCM problem you need mathematical modelling competencies. We show with the help of one example in which way the students work with the tasks and how the system deal with different solution which occurs by solving a modelling task.

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