Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Effectiveness of delivery methods in the transfer of soft skills
Monique Keevy

Last modified: 05-05-2020


Accounting education has in recent years increasingly emphasised the need for developing soft skills. To this end, various delivery methods have been advocated other than the conventional lecture format during the academic programme. This paper reports on a study of the perceptions of graduates on the effectiveness of delivery methods during the academic programme in transferring soft skills. A questionnaire with open and closed-ended questions was administered. Graduates reported that soft skills were most effectively developed when using case studies, followed by collaborative learning. Surprisingly, graduates also indicated lectures as an effective method in soft skills development, by ranking this method after collaborative learning. However, the method of computer-based activities, was reported as the least effective method in developing soft skills. This is a concern, given the prevalence and use of computers and technology in the accounting profession. Educators need to do more in inculcating soft skills, by using additional methods such as mentorship programmes and self-assessment.

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