Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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From Times Square to Eyre Square: Hackathons as Authentic Learning for Information Systems Students
Mairéad Hogan

Last modified: 28-04-2020


In order to ensure students meet the learning outcomes for a module in user experience design, an authentic learning approach was used to design a User Experience (UX) Hackathon, called Empathy Jam. UX hackathons are short events where participants work in groups on a challenge, using user-centred design techniques. The learning from the hackathon comes through the process of taking part, as well as collaborative learning from their team members. An important feature of Empathy Jam is collaboration with industry partners who act as mentors to guide the participants through the process. Assessment of learning was done through the use of video and reflective journals. The groups created a video record of their day, demonstrating their engagement and participation as a group, as well as the group learnings. Individual learnings were assessed through the reflective journals. Feedback on the event was obtained through the journals, vox pops on the day, a feedback survey and feedback from the mentors.

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