Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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An Approach to Building Learning Objects
Peter Thaysen

Last modified: 28-04-2020


Designing for online education can be a complex endeavor and the way to approach this must be carefully considered. This article examines the case of Danish educational institution SmartLearning to map out and analyze the approach to online courses. The study find that SmartLearning approaches the online courses by setting up guidelines for educators on how to build learnings objects. The approach is to use three different elements, one focused on the content and learning goals for a course, one focused on the layout of the leaning management system, and one focusing on which didactic principles to apply. These three elements must work together in the learning object in order to assure learning and motivation of learners. The study also find some structure regarding this process and based on the analysis it is recommended to bind the development of learning objects and courses together through instructional design tools. This will aid the further development of combining the three elements into quality learning objects.

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