Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Methodology based on collaborative problem solving implemented in a high academic achievement group
Miguel Ferrando-Rocher, Stephan Marini, Juan José Galiana-Merino, Jesús Carbajo

Last modified: 26-05-2020


The High Academic Achievement (ARA, by its acronym in Spanish) group began its course in the 2011/12 academic year to reinforce the potential of the most outstanding students since the beginning of their university studies.

In order to improve the employability of this students, at least 50% of basic or compulsory credits of the degree are taught in English. In addition, a series of language training aids are provided, which also has advantages in obtaining Erasmus scholarships. The ARA group only offers 25 places each academic course. Being a small group, personalized teaching is enhanced while the schedule is compacted.

In this contribution the methodology used in the subject of Signals and Systems of the Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering of the Alicante University (Spain) is presented. The methodology emphasizes the practical application of the subject and its direct applicability in real systems.

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