Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Class Discussion and Class Participation: Determination of Their Relationship
Leah Li Echiverri, Keer Xu, Haoyu Shang

Last modified: 28-04-2020


Generally regarded as important ways for students to engage in class, class discussion and class participation are placed at the heart of the class. This paper aimed to determine the correlation between the class discussion and class participation in universities. Convenience and purposive sampling of 105 undergraduates have completed the survey of this correlational study. As for the study design, the cross-sectional design was chosen because this research only has one contact with study population. Descriptive and inferential statistics have be used in this study to provide in-depth data analysis. According to this study, most of the students responded “agree” to class discussion and participation, interpreted as “good”. Findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between class discussion and class participation, in which it demonstrated that students who engaged in class discussion are more likely to promote their participation in class. Finally, this paper gave related recommendations to the faculties.

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