Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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hybrid Design based research for Agile Software development (hDAS) in ISD contexts: a discovery from studying how to design MUVEs for VET.
Todd Cochrane

Last modified: 30-04-2020


hDAS methodology in phases determines the tailored hDAS method. Enacting the hDAS method then leads to discoveries for and from method and methodology, which leads to further tailoring of the method. I posit, a class of ADDIE like ISD processes that intrinsically trend towards increasing complexity in their design, in order to meet newly formed theoretic perspectives. Using hDAS addresses an on-going increase in complexity of ISD, through a paradigmatic change, in which the outcome of the design is also the design process adapted to current theoretical understanding and discipline needs. The way forward, as formalised in hDAS, is tailoring of ISD through DBR and Agile software development. In this paper a context for hDAS is presented by reflection on hDAS in ISD that uses: ADDIE, Agile and explicitly tests educational theory. hDAS resolves gaps identified for each of these. By enacting hDAS a tailored ISD method is induced that meets the current theoretic and vocational understanding for the instructional situation

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