Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Information overload and lecturer mistakes during engineering course organization
Kristina Tihomirova, Linda Mezule

Last modified: 05-05-2020


It has been observed that huge amount of information received from teachers can create a feeling of overload for students. Selection of modern teaching methods do not always help to solve this issue. To identify the link between information overload at various study course organization models (regular, advanced and super-advanced), various lecturer types have been described. These include apathetic, formal, teacher-centred egoist, student-centred chaotic lecturer and activist. The results demonstrated that course organization in engineering studies is closely linked to the personality of the lecturer. Successful course organization is based on good time management, selection of appropriate amount of information. In advanced and super-advanced courses regular communication between lecturers and experts in practice is favoured. At the same time selection of adequate amount of study material based on the general knowledge level of the students is required. To achieve the goal, each lecturer should evaluate the level of information required and the overall interest level of students in the course topic on a regular basis before the beginning of the course.

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