Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Impact of GUI personalization of a word processor on a learning activity course
Arnaud Zeller, Pascal Marquet

Last modified: 21-04-2020


This research investigates the impact of an activity of personalization of a graphical user interface by the learners, on their behavior of using the ILE. The analysis conducted is based on an exploitation of the interaction traces between the learner and the interface of a word processor software with advanced personalization and auto-writing features including training of spelling and a learning analytics management module. The results show that, several variables related to the facilitation conditions recognized by the ILE partly explain the writing activity. Navigation variable can be correlated with the knowledge of customization possibilities. If the automatic sentence generator has no significant effect on the number of misspellings found in the documents submitted, the intention to personalize the interface seems to have a greater effect than the act of personalization itself. But the impact of the personalization process on learning outcomes is still to be established.


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