Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Sixth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Innovation2: Innovative Course on Innovation Takes On the Lebanese Revolution
Marina Apaydin, Christopher Bouri

Last modified: 20-04-2020


The purpose of this paper is to showcase the unique learning outcomes derived from an innovative course facing disruption from unforeseen political events. In spite of the tense events on the streets surrounding the university during the Lebanese revolution, which erupted in the middle of the semester, we were able not only to implement pre-planned innovative teaching methods to challenge student thinking and traditional higher education practices, but also leveraged the revolution context to introduce new topics and approaches to course delivery in the face of road closures and risks to students’ wellbeing. Strategic innovation management topics were complemented by the real time innovative strategies to continue education developed jointly by the course instructor and the students, resulting in an Innovation2effect. Ultimately, the course learning outcomes were reinforced and broadened by embracing the continued uncertainty and relating to the ongoing situation day by day. As Lebanon and AUB enter its second semester of the political revolution, this paper aims to share lessons learned from both, the initial course innovative design, and its delivery in the crisis circumstances of the revolution in order to help faculty dealing with unstable educational context in Lebanon, Middle East and other challenging regions.

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