Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Robust feedback control of continuously operated convective dryers for particulate materials
Carsten Seidel, Christoph Neugebauer, Robert Dürr, Andreas Bück

Last modified: 26-12-2018


Convective drying is a common process for the treatment of particulate solids also operated in continuous mode. Continuous operation is characterised by operation in steady-state with constant product throughput and constant product quality. Due to external influences, i.e. seasonal or local variations in the properties of the initial wet material, deviations in the product quality can result, for example over- or under-drying, or on-set of unwanted reaction. In this contribution a new feedback control concept is developed that is robust with respect to variations and uncertainties in the drying kinetics of the material and can reject and attenuate process disturbances.

Keywords: Process control; drying kinetics; robustness; fluidized bed; yeast.


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