Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Effects of ozone pretreatment on drying kinetics and quality of Granny Smith Apple dried in a fluidized bed dryer
Thatyane Vidal Fonteles, Ronnyely Braz Reis do Nascimento, Sueli Rodrigues, Fabiano Andre Narciso Fernandes

Last modified: 26-12-2018


Fluidized bed drying is a method for controlled and mild drying of wet

This study aimed to evaluate the effects of ozone pretreatment on drying of green apple carried out in a fluidized bed dryer to determine drying kinetics and identify operating parameters for improved product quality. Results reveal that drying temperature in different levels affected water diffusivity and retention of bioactive compounds. The ozone pretreatment showed unexpected results since the pretreatment reduced the water difusivity and promoted an increase in the enzyme activity. The treatment time strongly afftected the final polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase activities. On the other hand, the ozone treatment resulted in lower color changes compared to non-ozone treated dried apples.

Keywords: diffusivity; polyphenoloxidase; enzymatic browning; ozone.

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