Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Mechanistic modeling expedites the development of spray dried biologics
Nicholas B. Carrigy, Lu Liang, Hui Wang, Sam Kariuki, Tobi E. Nagel, Ian F. Connerton, Reinhard Vehring

Last modified: 26-12-2018


Spray drying can be used to extend the shelf life of biologics stored at ambient temperature. Empirical and statistical design of experiments approaches typically require a relatively large number of experiments to determine suitable formulation and spray drying process parameters. An alternative approach, which may require fewer experiments, is to use mechanistic models to select these parameters. In this paper, mechanistic models are applied to develop a bacteriophage powder expected to have long-term physical stability at ambient temperature. The developed powder may be useful for decreasing incidences of foodborne illness in Kenya.

Keywords: bacteriophage powder; glass transition temperature; supplemented phase diagram; spray drying; stability.


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