Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Effects of drying conditions on the content of glycosides and antioxidants of packed bed of stevia leaves
Juan Rodríguez-Ramírez, Beatriz Noyola-Altamirano, Luis Gerardo Barriada-Bernal, Lilia L. Méndez-Lagunas

Last modified: 02-01-2019


The commercial value of stevia dehydrated leaves is related to the content of glycocides and their appearance. The present work approaches the effect of packed bed drying conditions (temperature, flow rate and solid loading) on glycosides and antioxidants activity of stevia leaves of Morita II variety. Diffusion coefficient was calculated. The drying times ranged between 34 and 160 minutes, the temperature was the most significant factor followed by solid loading and flow rate. Drying increases the concentration of antioxidants, stevioside and reduces rebaudioside A.

Keywords: drying, packed bed, stevia rebaudiana, glycosides, antioxidants

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