Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Flat plate solar air heater with helical integrated fins for drying processe
Maytham A. Al-Neama, Istvan Farkas

Last modified: 02-01-2019


In this study, an experimental investigation was carried out on solar system consists of many main components; solar air collector, drying chamber and air blower. Manufacturing and an analysis of two active double-pass solar air collector integrated with unfinned and helical finned absorbers have been carried out. The helical fins increased the standers solar collector (unfinned) efficiency by about 6%. In five hours for 2 kg of apple slices drying, the final weight of the dried product is 1.237 kg using an unfinned solar collector, while 1.039 kg using helical finned solar collector.

Keywords: solar drying, air heater, thermal performance, helical fins.

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