Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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Bread preservation with use of edible packaging
Viviane de Souza Silva, Farayde Matta Fakhouri, Luna Valentina Angulo Arias, Rosa Helena Aguiar, Rafael Augustus Oliveira

Last modified: 02-01-2019


We live in a world that usually use plastic bags either to go shopping or to pack the snack for a short trip. However, packaging makes life easier and serves as protection for products such as food. Bread is a common food product that needs packaging in order to be protected at storage and transportation. Therefore, with aim of reducing petroleum derived packagin g consumption it was developed an edible film from potato starch to packeg bread and some quality characteristics like water content, firmness and weight loss were evaluated, showing that edible film can be used as a packaging.

Keywords: biopolymers; edible coatings; packaging materials; starch; storage.

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