Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 21st International Drying Symposium

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The drying and rehydration process of chayote (Sechium edule)
Alejandra Álvarez-Morales, Guadalupe Luna-Solano, Alejandra Ramírez-Martínez

Last modified: 03-01-2019


Chayote (Sechium edule) is a fruit that is said to be a  nutritional and have healing properties. 90% of its weight is made up of water which makes  this fruit highly perishable. Convective drying is an excellent option to reduce the loss of this product as well as prolong its shelf life. Thus, the main objective of this work was to assess the physicochemical characteristics of different chayote samples (slices, cubes and strips) during its drying and rehydration process.  Results suggest that cubes represent an alternative for commercial use as an additive in foodstuffs due to their size.

Keywords: chayote; convective drying; rehydration process; physiochemical properties.

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