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Proceedings of 21th International Drying Symposium PDF
Juan Andrés Cárcel, Gabriela Clemente, José Vicente García-Pérez, Antonio Mulet, Carmen Rosselló


Drying of mangoes applying pulsed UV light as pre-treatment PDF
Thayane Rabelo Braga, Ebenezer Oliveira Silva, Sueli Rodrigues, Fabiano Andre Narciso Fernandes
Process intensification and process control in freeze-drying PDF
Antonello A Barresi, Roberto Pisano
Supercritical CO2 drying of food matrices PDF
A. Zambon, T. M. Vizzotto, G. Morbiato, M. Toffoletto, G. Poloniato, S. Dall’Acqua, M. De Bernard, S. Spilimbergo
Ultrasound enhancement of osmotic dehydration and drying – Process kinetics and quality aspects PDF
Grzegorz Musielak
Using Life Cycle Assessment methodology to minimize the environmental impact of dryers PDF
Angélique Léonard, S. Gerbinet
Influence of drying on in vitro gastric digestion of beetroot: evaluation of the microstructure PDF
Esperanza Dalmau, Juan A. Cárcel, Valeria Eim, Susana Simal
New technique of combined hot air and microwave drying to produce a new fiber ingredient from industrial by-products. PDF
Clara Talens, Marta Castro-Giráldez, Pedro J. Fito
Simultaneous wetting and drying; fluid bed granulation and tablet film coating PDF
Ian C Kemp, Alex van Millingen, Houda Khaled, Lewis Iler
Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) drying: fundamentals and applications PDF
Alex I Martynenko, Tadeusz Kudra
Beyond freeze-drying of biologics: vacuum-foam drying and spray freeze-drying PDF
A. Langford, B. Balthazor, B. Bhatnagar, S. Tchessalov, M.J. Hageman, A. Lukas, M. Plitzko, B. Luy, S. Ohtake
Innovative microwave technologies for food drying processes PDF
Ana Andres, Ruth De los Reyes, Mariola Sansano, D. Alcañiz, Ana Heredia, Elias De los Reyes
Non-Fickian diffusion in biomaterials PDF
Giana Almeida, Patrick Perre

Modelling, simulation and control - Oral presentation

Mathematical modeling of moisture evaporation in co-current foam spray drying PDF
Maciej Jaskulski, Artur Lewandowski, Ireneusz Zbiciński
A mathematical model of spray drying granulation process in formulation PDF
Hiroyuki Kagami
Mechanical and thermal segregation of milli-beads during contact heating in a rotary drum. DEM modeling and simulation. PDF
Aline Mesnier, Maroua Rouabah, C. Cogné, Roman Peczalski, Séverine Vessot-Crastes, Pascal Vacus, Julien Andrieu
The investigation of internal pressure development in convective drying of shrinking and non-shrinking materials using green and fired clay as an example PDF
Anna Adamska, Zdzislaw Pakowski, Robert Adamski
Multi-zone & multi-compartment model for dynamic simulation of horizontal fluidized bed granulator PDF
Lisa Mielke, Andreas Bück, Evangelos Tsotsas
Application of Multivariate Image Analysis to Thermal Images for in line Monitoring of the Freeze-Drying Process PDF
Domenico Colucci, José Manuel Prats-Montalban, Davide Fissore, Alberto Ferrer Riquelme
The construction of thermodynamic expressions needed in the physicochemical mathematical model required for the rational quantitative evaluation of the freeze drying process of pharmaceutical solutions employing tertiary butyl alcohol as a co-solvent PDF
Jee-Ching Wang, Roberto Bruttini, Athanasios I Liapis
Implementation of P-Controller in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of a Pilot Scale Outlet Temperature Controlled Spray Dryer PDF
Sepideh Afshar, Hasan Jubaer, Lloyd Metzger, Hasmukh Patel, Cordelia Selomulya, Meng Wai Woo
Feasibility of Vis/NIR spectroscopy and image analysis as basis of the development of smart-drying technologies PDF
Barbara Sturm, Roberto Moscetti, S.O.J. Crichton, Sharvari Raut, Michael Bantle, Riccardo Massantini
Energy analysis and conservation opportunities in spray dryers PDF
Sanjay Kumar Patel, Mukund Haribahu Bade
Measuring REA-based drying kinetics through temperature-moisture content relationship PDF
Xiao Dong Chen, Aditya Putranto
Modeling of atmospheric freeze-drying for sliced fruit PDF
Akane Horie, Takashi Kobayashi, Kyuya Nakagawa
Thermodynamic model of freeze-drying of poultry breast using infrared thermography PDF
Juan Angel Tomas-Egea, Marta Castro-Giraldez, Pedro J Fito
Robust feedback control of continuously operated convective dryers for particulate materials PDF
Carsten Seidel, Christoph Neugebauer, Robert Dürr, Andreas Bück

Modelling, simulation and control - Poster presentation

Modeling of Particle Behavior in a Wurster Fluidized Bed: Coupling CFD-DEM with Monte Carlo PDF
Zhaochen Jiang, Christian Rieck, Andreas Bück, Evangelos Tsotsas
CFD model-supported design of monodisperse co-current spray dryers PDF
Maciej Jaskulski, Thi Thu Hang Tran, Evangelos Tsotsas
Pore network model of primary freeze drying PDF
Nicole Vorhauer, P. Först, H. Schuchmann, E. Tsotsas
Moisture diffusion coefficient estimation in peas drying by means of a modified Hawlader and Uddin method PDF
Carlos Martínez-Vera, Mario Vizcarra-Mendoza
New model for the rehydration characteristics of white yam at different temperatures PDF
Akinjide A. Akinola, S. N. Ezeorah, E. P. Nwoko
A pore-scale study on the drying kinetics and mechanical behavior of particle aggregates PDF
T. S. Pham, B. Chareyre, E. Tsotsas, A. Kharaghani
Investigation of 3D particle flow in a flighted rotating drum PDF
Lanyue Zhang, Fabian Weigler, Zhaochen Jiang, Vesselin Idakiev, Lothar Mörl, Jochen Mellmann, Evangelos Tsotsas
Model of the solutes transfer during osmotic dehydration of vegetal matrices: a proposal PDF
Sahylin Muñiz-Becerá, Lilia Leticia Méndez-Lagunas, Juan Rodríguez-Ramírez, Sadoth Sandoval-Torres
Three-dimensional measurement of internal structure in frozen food materials by cryogenic microtome spectral imaging system PDF
Gabsoo Do, Sadanori Sase, Yeonghwan Bae, Tatsurou Maeda, Shigeaki Ueno, Tetsuya Araki
Dynamic optimization of the transmission efficiency between the solid state microwave sources and the microwave applicator PDF
Simon Zuber, Marcel Joss, S. Tresch, M. Kleingries
Discrete modeling of ion transport and crystallization in layered porous media during drying PDF
Arman Rahimi, T. Metzger, A. Kharaghani, E. Tsotsas
Dependency of continuum model parameters on the spatially correlated pore structure studied by pore-network drying simulations PDF
Xiang Lu, Abdolreza Kharaghani, Evangelos Tsotsas
Use of a multi-vial mathematical model to design freeze-drying cycles for pharmaceuticals at known risk of failure PDF
Bernadette Scutellà, Ioan Cristian Trelea, Erwan Bourlés, Fernanda Fonseca, Stephanie Passot
Comparison between the finite differences, finite volume and finite element methods for the modelling of convective drying of fruit slices PDF
Adriana María Castro, Edgar Yesid Mayorga, Fabian Leonardo Moreno
The role of boundary conditions on the dynamics of green coffee beans in a rotated dryer PDF
M.V.C. Machado, I.A. Resende, R.M. Lima, R.J. Brandão, M.R. Pivello, S.M. Nascimento, C.R. Duarte, Marcos A.S. Barrozo
Lattice Boltzmann modeling and simulation of isothermal drying of capillary porous media PDF
Githin Tom Zachariah, Debashis Panda, Vikranth Kumar Surasani
Drying kinetics of cellulose nanofibers suspensions PDF
Belal Al Zaitone
Convective air drying of brown seaweed Bifurcaria bifurcata in thin layer configuration PDF
Santiago Arufe-Vilas, Jorge Sineiro, Francisco Chenlo, Ramón Moreira
Hybrid solar-gas-electric dryer optimization with genetic algorithms PDF
H. El Ferouali, M. Gharafi, A. Zoukit, S. Doubabi, Naji Abdenouri
Multivariable modeling of an innovative hybrid solar-gas dryer PDF
A. Zoukit, H. Elferouali, I. Salhi, S. Doubabi, Naji Abdenouri
Identification of moisture transport mechanism in gypsum during convective drying PDF
Robert Adamski, A. Adamska, Z. Pakowski
Modeling of kinetics of drying process of polycaproamide granules considering its sorption properties PDF
Maria Konstantinovna Kosheleva, Olga Roaldovna Dornyak, Marina Sergeevna Maklusova
Image Segmentation and 3D reconstruction for improved prediction of the sublimation rate during freeze drying PDF
Luigi C Capozzi, Andrea Arsiccio, Amelia C Sparavigna, Roberto Pisano, Antonello A Barresi
Modelling the Water Sorption Isotherms of Warionia Saharae and determination of sorption heats and drying kinetics PDF
fedol amel, A. Cheriti
Hybrid cylinder dryer for the drying of sheet-form materials with hot air PDF
Sung Il Kim, Sang Hyun Oh, Won Pyo Chun, Ki Ho Park, Byoung Hyuk Yu
Thermodynamic properties and moisture sorption isotherms of two pharmaceutical compounds PDF
amel zammouri, M. Ben Zid, N. Kechaou, N. Boudhrioua Mihoubi
Comparison between bubbling and turbulent regime for the simulation of batch pharmaceutical powders fluidized bed drying PDF
amel zammouri, N. Boudhrioua Mihoubi, N. Kechaou
Modeling and simulation of intermittent drying of high moisture foods PDF
Ana Paula Filippin, Érika Fernanda Rezendes Tada, João Claudio Thomeo, Maria Aparecida Mauro
The aggregation rate constant of the discrete population balance model in hot melt fluidized bed coating process PDF
W. Xin, Y. Yan, X. Qing, W. Long
Mathematical relationship between glass transition temperature and water activity of cellular and non-cellular food systems PDF
Thanh Khuong Nguyen, Seddik khalloufi, Cristina Ratti
Study of the hot air drying process of chicken breast by non-invasive techniques PDF
Juan Angel Tomas-Egea, Marta Castro-Giraldez, R.J. Colom,, Pedro J Fito
Flat plate solar air heater with helical integrated fins for drying processe PDF
Maytham A. Al-Neama, Istvan Farkas
Drying of sugarcane bagasse in a partially filled horizontal drum PDF
Érika Fernanda Rezendes Tada, Andreas Bück, Fernanda Perpétua Casciatori, João Cláudio Thoméo
Theoretical and experimental investigation of temperature and moisture distributions and changes in nutritional quality during Intermittent Microwave Convective Drying PDF
Imran Khan, Nghia Duc Pham, Azharul Karim
Moisture content modeling and effective moisture diffusivity determination during convective solar drying of blackberry (rubus spp) and basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) PDF
Anabel López-Ortiz, J. C. Gallardo-Brígido, A. Silva-Norman, Isaac Pilatowsky-Figueroa, Octavio García-Valladares, Juan Rodríguez-Ramírez
Development and use of three-dimensional image analysis algorithms to evaluate puffing of banana slices undergone combined hot air and microwave drying PDF
A. Satienkijumpai, Maturada Jinorose, Sakamon Devahastin
On the importance of heat and mass transfer coupling during characterization of hygroscopic insulation materials PDF
Patrick Perre, Arnaud Challansonnex
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of spray dryers: transient or steady state simulation? PDF
S. Afshar, H. Jubaer, B. Chen, J. Xiao, X. D. Chen, M. W. Woo
A physical interpretation of the use of fractional operators for modelling the drying process PDF
Patrick Perre, Ian Turner
Thermo-economic analysis of an efficient lignite-fired power system integrated with flue gas fan mill pre-drying PDF
Xiaoqu Han, Jiahuan Wang, Ming Liu, Sotirios Karellas, Junjie Yan
Drying behavior, diffusion modeling of cuminum cyminum L. undergoing microwave-assisted fluidized bed drying PDF
Atefe Babaki, Gholamreza Askari, Zahra Emamdjomeh
Semi empirical models for drying of agricultural products by used structured artificial neural network PDF
Kornél Bessenyei, Zoltán Kurják, János Beke
Modeling sorption isotherms and isosteric heat of sorption of roasted coffee beans PDF
Gentil Andres Collazos-Escobar, Nelson Gutiérrez-Guzmán, Henry Alexander Vaquiro-Herrera, Erika Tatiana Cortes-Macias
Drying characteristics and mathematical modelling of the drying kinetics of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) PDF
A. A. Satimehin, M. O. Oluwamukomi, V. N. Enujiugha, M. Bello
Thermodynamic model of Ca(II)-alginate beads drying by spectrophotometry PDF
Patricio R. Santagapita, Marta Castro-Giraldez, Maria Victoria Traffano-Schiffo, Pedro J Fito

Drying Products - Oral presentation

Encapsulation of krill oil by spray drying PDF
S. Takashige, A. Hermawan Dwi, A. Sultana, Hirokazu Shiga, Shuji Adachi, Hidefumi Yoshii
Microencapsulation of pumpkin seed oil by spray dryer under various process conditions and determination of the optimal point by RSM PDF
Mansoureh Geranpour, Zahra Emam-Djomeh, Gholamhassan Asadi
Nano spray drying of pharmaceuticals PDF
Cordin Arpagaus
Evolution of “Chili” Tunisian landrace durum wheat sprouts properties after drying PDF
Sarra Jribi, Hela Gliguem, Andras Nagy, Nagy Gabor Zsolt, Lilla Szalóki-Dorkó, Zoltan Naàr, Ildiko Bata-Vidàcs, Sarra Marzougui, Zsuzsanna Cserhalmi, Hajer Debbabi
Cellulosic fibre drying: fundamental understanding and process modeling PDF
Sabyasachi Mondal, Puja Agarwala, Suvankar Dutta, Vishvas Naik-Nimbalkar, Pratik Pande, Sunil Dhumal
Study and optimization of freeze-drying cycles of a model probiotic strain PDF
Pierre Verlhac, Séverine Vessot-Crastes, Ghania Degobert, Claudia Cogné, Julien Andrieu, Laurent Beney, Patrick Gervais
Enhancing antioxidant property of instant coffee by microencapsulation via spray drying PDF
Desi Sakawulan, Richard Archer, Chaleeda Borompichaichartkul
Ambient temperature drying of therapeutic protein solution with use of microwave PDF
Takaharu Tsuruta, Takuma Ogawa, Ryosuke Abe, Hirofumi Tanigawa
Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on eco-friendly supports by spouted-bed technology: Use in the synthesis of isoamyl caprylate PDF
Tales Alexandre Costa-Silva, Ana Karine Furtado Carvalho, Claudia Regina Fernandes Souza, Larissa de Freitas, Heizir F Castro, Wanderley Pereira Oliveira
Electrically enhanced drying of white champignons PDF
Ivanna Bashkir, Tadeusz Kudra, Alex Martynenko
Rotary Wheel Atomizer Study Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Full-Scale Testing PDF
Tórstein Vincent Joensen, Maximilian Kuhnhenn, Frank Vinther, Mads Reck, Cameron Tropea
Recent developments in functional bakery products and the impact of baking on active ingredients PDF
Lu Zhang, Remko M. Boom, Xiao Dong Chen, Maarten A.I. Schutyser
The effect of drying on the mechanical properties and structure of biodegradable films PDF
Gabriela Silveira da Rosa, Sai Vanga, Yvan Gariepy, Vijaya Raghavan
Investigation of influence of pre-treatment and low-temperature on drying kinetics, sorption properties, shrinkage and color of brown seaweeds (Saccharina Latissima) PDF
Ignat Tolstorebrov, Trygve Magne Eikevik, Inna Petrova, Yulia Shokina, Michael Bantle
Stabilization of encapsulated probiotics from the bacterium Lactobacillus casei by different drying techniques PDF
Elsa Maritza Acosta-Piantini, M. Carmen Villaran, J. Ignacio Lombraña
Coupling of microwave radiations to convective drying for improving fruit quality PDF
Neila Bahloul, M. A. Balti, M. S. Guellouze, Nabil Kechaou
Ohmic heating/vacuum impregnation treatments on osmodehydrated apples enriched in polyphenols from concentrated pomegranate juice PDF
Jorge Moreno, P. Zúñiga, M. E. Guerra, K. Mella
Valorization of the tomato to obtain a powder rich in antioxidant constituents PDF
Djamel Mennouche, Abdelghani Boubekri, Bachir Bouchekima, Slimane Boughali, Rebiha Moumeni, Djihad Boutadjine
Effect of solar radiation on cooking/drying process of grapes using solar oven PDF
Jannika Bailey, Marta Castro-Giráldez, Alfredo Esteves, Pedro J Fito
Microstructural characterization of apple tissue during drying using X-Ray microtomography PDF
M. M. Rahman, M. M. Billah, M.I.H. Khan, Azharul Karim
Effects of different drying conditions on curcumin concentration in turmeric PDF
Qixin Li, Robert H Driscoll, George Srzednicki
Thin layer drying behaviour of fermented cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) beans PDF
Saheeda Mujaffar, Aveena Ramroop, Darin Sukha
Influence of drying conditions on process properties and parameter identification for continuous fluidized bed spray agglomeration PDF
Gerd Strenzke, Ievgen Golovin, Maximilian Wegner, Stefan Palis, Andreas Bück, Achim Kienle, Evangelos Tsotsas

Drying Products - Poster presentation

Optimization of the spray drying process for the obtaining of coconut powder (Cocos nucifera L.) fortified with functionally active compounds PDF
J. C. Lucas-Aguirre, G. Giraldo, R. M. Cortes
Relaxation of ceramic tile stresses generated by fast drying: a kinetic model PDF
J. L. Amorós, V. Cantavella, E. Blasco
Effects of Assistance of High Frequency Dielectric and Infrared Heating on Vacuum Freeze Drying Characteristics of Food Model PDF
Atsushi Hashimoto, Ken-ichiro Suehara, Takaharu Kameoka, Kazuhiko Kawamura
Estimation of the apparent glass transition temperature of spray-dried emulsified powders and yeast powders by their flavor release behavior under temperature ramping conditions PDF
A. Sultana, J. L. Zhu, H. Yoshii
Bioavailability of freeze-dried and spray-dried grapefruit juice vitamin C PDF
María del Mar Camacho, Marta Igual, Juan José Martínez-Lahuerta, Nuria Martínez-Navarrete
Fixed-bed drying of grains: analysis of the structural properties of packed-beds of non-spherical particles PDF
Heitor O Nogueira Altino, Maria do Carmo Ferreira
Economic feasibility of freeze-drying to obtain powdered fruit PDF
María del Mar Camacho, Miguel Ángel Casanova, Loreto Fenollosa, Javier Ribal, Juan José Martínez-Lahuerta, Nuria Martínez-Navarrete
Impact of shelf temperature on freeze-drying process and porosity development PDF
L. A. Egas-Astudillo, A. Silva, M. Uscanga, N. Martínez-Navarrete, M. M. Camacho
Effect of air drying temperature on phytochemical properties of brown seaweed Bifurcaria bifurcata PDF
Santiago Vilas Arufe, Jorge Sineiro, Francisco Chenlo, Ramón Moreira
Effect of saccharide additives on dehydration–drying kinetics and quality properties of dried kiwi fruit products PDF
Shigeaki Ueno, Rei Iijima, Mari Harada, Hsiuming Liu, Reiko Shimada, Ken Fukami
Effect of ultrasound on drying kinetics of El Henna leaves (Lawsonia inermis) PDF
Said Bennaceur, Lyes Bennamoun, Antonio Mulet, Belkacem Draoui, Juan A. Cárcel
Effect of rehydration on texture properties of Mexican plum (Spondias purpurea L.) dehydrated by tray drying and freeze drying PDF
Paulina Guillen-Velazquez, Cinthia Muñoz-López, Denis Cantu-Lozano, Guadalupe Luna-Solano
Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of dehydrated artisanal cheese during storage PDF
Carlos Jair Calis-Pérez, Alfredo Domínguez-Niño, Galo Rafael Urrea-García, Guadalupe Luna-Solano
The infrared radiation and vacuum assisted drying kinetics of flue-cured tobacco leaf and its drying quality analysis PDF
Wenkui Zhu, Gaofei Guo, Chaoxian Liu, Liangyuan Cheng, Le Wang
Moisture sorption isotherms and isosteric heat sorption of habanero pepper (Capsicum chínense) dehydrated powder PDF
Mario Luna-Flores, Mariana Gisela Peña-Juarez, Angélica Mara Bello-Ramirez, Javier Telis-Romero, Guadalupe Luna-Solano
A green coffee based product and its comparasion to commercial products regarding the antioxidant capacity PDF
F. C. A. Souza, E. F. Souza, S. M. Pontes, W. F. Leal Junior, O. Freitas-Silva, R. I. Nogueira
Nutritional potential of dehydrated residues from rice milk production PDF
Luan Ramos Silva, A. C. A. B. Casari, J. I. Velasco, F. M. Fakhouri
Healthy apple snack developed using microwaves PDF
Dinar Fartdinov, Josep Comaposada, Israel Muñoz, Nieco De Wit, Pere Gou, Maria Dolors Guàrdia
Solar convective drying kinetics and sorption isotherms of Citrus aurantium flowers PDF
Hicham El Ferouali, Ahmed Zoukit, Said Doubabi, Naji Abdenouri
Physicochemical parameters and consumer acceptance in espresso and american coffee pods PDF
Lina Ximena Parrado, Andrés Felipe Bahamon, Nelson Gutierrez
Physicochemical characterization of mesquite flours PDF
S. Sandoval Torres, L. Reyes López, L. Méndez Lagunas, J. Rodríguez Ramírez, G. Barriada Bernal
Technological and nutritional aspects of gluten-free pasta based on chickpea flour and tiger nut flour PDF
M. E. Martín-Esparza, G. B. Bressi, A. Raga, A. Albors
Experimental investigation of drying of malt bagasse PDF
B. D. Zorzi, K. Machry, P. Krolow, C. M. Moura, E. G. Oliveira, G. S. Rosa
Combined effects of sodium carbonate pretreatment and hybrid drying methods on the nutritional and antioxidant properties of dried Goji berries PDF
Huihui Song, Jinfeng Bi, Qinqin Chen, Mo Zhou, Xinye Wu, Jianxin Song
Effect of phospholipid composition on the structure and physicochemical stability of proliposomes incorporating curcumin and cholecalciferol PDF
Matheus Andrade Chaves, Samantha Cristina Pinho
Physical properties of commercial infant milk formula products PDF
Eoin G Murphy, Nicolas E Regost, Yrjo H Roos, Mark A Fenelon
Vitamin C content of freeze dried pequi (Caryocar brasiliense Camb.) pulp PDF
C. T. Soares, F. G. Nogueira, A. A. Santana, R. A. Oliveira
Hot air drying combined vacuum-filling nitrogen drying of apple slices: Drying characteristics and nutrients PDF
Xiaoli Huang, T. Li, S.N. Li, Z.H. Wu, J. Xue
Effect of spray drying on volatile compounds of acerola pulp PDF
P. M. Nogueira, M. T. Leite Neta, H. C. S. Araújo, M. S. Jesus, S. Shanmugam, Narendra Narain
Drying conditions and analysis of physicochemical characteristics of Capsicum pubescens PDF
Consuelo Sánchez-García, Óscar Ándres Del Ángel-Coronel, Ingrid Paniagua-Martínez, Guadalupe Luna-Solano, Alejandra Ramírez-Martínez
Effect of the solar dehydration on the antioxidant capacity and the content of flavonoids of the blackberry pulp (rubus spp) PDF
Azucena Silva-Norman, Anabel López-Ortiz, Octavio García-Valladares, Isaac Pilatowsky-Figueroa, J. R. Ramirez
Influence of freeze-drying conditions on orange powder flowability PDF
Mariana Usganda, Andrea Silva, Luis Egas, María del Mar Camacho, Nuria Martínez-Navarrete
Effect of spray drying conditions on antioxidants activity, flavonoids and total phenolic compounds of stevia rebaudiana PDF
Irene Chaparro-Hernández, Juan Rodríguez-Ramírez, Lilia L. Méndez-Lagunas, Luis Gerardo Barriada-Bernal
Effects of drying conditions on the content of glycosides and antioxidants of packed bed of stevia leaves PDF
Juan Rodríguez-Ramírez, Beatriz Noyola-Altamirano, Luis Gerardo Barriada-Bernal, Lilia L. Méndez-Lagunas
Observation of microstructure change during freeze-drying by in-situ X-ray Computed Tomography PDF
Kyuya Nakagawa, Shinri Tamiya, Shu Sakamoto, Gabsoo Do, Shinji Kono, Takaaki Ochiai
Organic apples (cv. Elstar) quality evaluation during hot-air drying using Vis/NIR hyperspectral imaging PDF
Luna Shrestha, Roberto Moscetti, Stuart Crichton, Oliver Hensel, Barbara Sturm
Long-term maintenance of dried acellular matrices PDF
Alessandro Zambon, Giovanni Giobbe, Massimo Vetralla, Filippo Michelino, Luca Urbani, Maria Pantano, Nicola Pugno, Paolo De Coppi, Nicola Elvassore, Sara Spilimbergo
Thermal stability of amorphous sugar matrix, dried from methanol, as an amorphous solid dispersion carrier PDF
Koreyoshi Imamura, K. Takeda, K. Yamamoto, H. Imanaka, N. Ishida
Effect of tray dryer’s independent variables (drying temperature and air velocity) on the quality of olive pomace and system’s energy efficiency PDF
Ulaş Baysan, Mehmet Koç, A. Güngör, Figen Kaymak-Ertekin
Aroma retention during drying of caja-umbu fruit pulp PDF
Anderson Santos Fontes, Maria Terezinha Santos Leite-Neta, Patricia Nogueira Matos, Hannah Caroline Santos Araújo, Monica Silva Jesus, G. Rajkumar, Narendra Narain
The drying and rehydration process of chayote (Sechium edule) PDF
Alejandra Álvarez-Morales, Guadalupe Luna-Solano, Alejandra Ramírez-Martínez
Blackberry pulp microencapsulation with arrowroot starch and gum arabic mixture by spray drying and freeze drying PDF
Gislaine Ferreira Nogueira, Farayde Matta Fakhouri, Rafael Augustus de Oliveira
Functional properties of dried tarragon affected by drying method PDF
Banu Koç, Nazan Çağlar, Gamze Atar
Drying parameters influence on ‘Ameclyae’ Opuntia ficus prickly pear oil quality PDF
L. Hassini, H. Desmorieux
Spray dried proliposomes of Rosmarinus officinalis polyphenols: a quality by design approach PDF
Victor Oloruntoba Bankole, Claudia Regina F. Souza, Wanderley Pereira Oliveira
Influence of drying temperature and ultrasound application in some quality properties of apple skin. PDF
Matheus P. Martins, Edgar J. Cortés, Susana Simal, Antonio Mulet, Nieves Pérez-Muelas, Juan A. Cárcel
Generation of high drug loading amorphous solid dispersions by Spray Drying PDF
Bhianca Lins de Azevedo Costa, Martial Sauceau, Romain Sescousse, Maria Ines Re
Changes in antioxidant and probiotic properties of a freeze-dried apple snack during storage PDF
Cristina Burca, Lucía Seguí, Noelia Betoret, Cristina Barrera
Characteristics of oven-dried Jerusalem artichoke powder and its applications in phosphate-free emulsified chicken meatballs PDF
Burcu Öztürk, Meltem Serdaroğlu
Quality changes of sucuks produced with turkey meat and olive oil during fermentation and ripening PDF
Aslı Zungur-Bastıoğlu, Meltem Serdaroğlu, Burcu Öztürk, Berker Nacak
Effects of ozone pretreatment on drying kinetics and quality of Granny Smith Apple dried in a fluidized bed dryer PDF
Thatyane Vidal Fonteles, Ronnyely Braz Reis do Nascimento, Sueli Rodrigues, Fabiano Andre Narciso Fernandes
Spray drying of lipid nanosystems (SLN and NLC) loaded with Syzygium aromaticum essential oil PDF
Debora Morais Rosa, Wanderley Pereira Oliveira
Impacts of air drying and DIC pretreatments on textural properties of frozen/thawed apple fruits PDF
L. Ben Haj Said, Sihem Bellaga, K. Allaf
Partial drying of apple fruits to improve freeze/thaw quality during long term frozen storage PDF
L. Ben Haj Said, S. Bellaga, K. Allaf
Solar drying of strawberry coated with nopal mucilage: It’s effect on phenolic compounds PDF
M.J. León,, A. López-Ortiz, F.I. Pilatowsky, L.L.L. Méndez
Drying of wastes of almond shells in conical spouted beds PDF
Maria J San Jose, Sonia Alvarez, Raquel Lopez
Identification of key factors determining the surface oil concentration of encapsulated lipid particles produced by spray drying PDF
Annika Linke, Tobias Balke, Reinhard Kohlus
Effect of particle size of blueberry pomace powder on its properties PDF
Laura Calabuig-Jiménez, Cristina Barrera, Lucia Seguí, Noelia Betoret
Radio frequency-vacuum drying of kiwifruits: kinetics, uniformity and product quality PDF
Shaojin Wang, Xu Zhou
Preliminary study of superheated steam spray drying: A case study with maltodextrin PDF
Maelada Fuengfoo, Sakamon Devahastin, Chalida Niumnuy, Somchart Soponronnarit
Determination of the moisture content of white and yellow corn from ohaji in imo state of nigeria using the dry-weight technique PDF
Offurum Julius Chigozie, C.M. Morgan

Drying Processes - Oral presentation

Experimental analysis of particle breakage and powder morphology in foam spray drying PDF
Artur Lewandowski, Maciej Jaskulski, Ireneusz Zbiciński
Spray drying of high viscous food concentrates: Investigations on the applicability of an Air-Core-Liquid-Ring (ACLR) nozzle for liquid atomization. PDF
Marc Oliver Wittner, Heike Petra Karbstein, Volker Gaukel
Heat recovery from biomass drying in energy systems PDF
J. Havlik, T. Dlouhý
Capillary disconnect during drying in model porous media at different wettability PDF
Ayorinde K Rufai, John P Crawshaw
Ultrasound assisted low temperature drying of food materials PDF
H. T. Sabarez, S. Keuhbauch, K. Knoerzer
Microwave assisted fluidized bed drying of celery PDF
Amanat Kaur, Yvan Gariépy, Valérie Orsat, Vijaya Raghavan
The consumption of exergy for lignite drying with different technologies: a comparative theoretical study PDF
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CT-scanning of the drying process of Eucalyptus nitens PDF
José Couceiro, Lars Hansson, Ahec Ambrož, Dick Sandberg
Effects of different drying methods on the physicochemical properties of powders obtained from high-oleic palm oil nanoemulsions PDF
M. Hernández-Carrión, M. Moyano-Molano, L. Ricaurte, F.L. Moreno, Maria Ximena Quintanilla-Carvajal
Multifluid macroscopic approach to drying in papermaking PDF
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Freeze dried quince (Cydonia oblonga) puree with the addition of different amounts of maltodextrin: physical and powder properties PDF
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Drying the corn in a farm heat pump dryer with fluidized bed PDF
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Agitated thin-film drying of spinach juice PDF
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Synthesis of titanium dioxide precursor by the hydrolysis of titanium oxychloride solution PDF
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Stabilization of Lactobacillus sp. with enhanced thermal resistance by spray-drying PDF
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CFD study of air flow patterns and droplet trajectories in a lab scale vortex chamber spray dryer PDF
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Augmenting natural convection and conduction based solar dryer PDF
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Post-harvest treatment of algerian broad beans using two different solar drying methods PDF
S. Chouicha, A. Boubekri, M.H. Berbeuh, D. Mennouche, I. Frihi, A. Rzezgua

Drying Processes - Poster presentation

Drying characteristics and quality of lemon slices dried undergone Coulomb force assisted heat pump drying PDF
S. K. Chin, Y. H. Lee, B. K. Chung
Heat and mass transfer modelling of continuous Wurster-spray-granulation with external product classification PDF
Daniel Mueller, Andreas Bueck, Evangelos Tsotsas
Concept of heat recovery in drying with chemical heat pump PDF
Michal Tylman, Maciej Jaskulski, Pawel Wawrzyniak, M. Czapnik
Impact of thin layer drying on bioactive compounds of jaboticaba (Plinia cauliflora) peel PDF
Karine Machry, Marcílio Machado Morais, Gabriela Silveira da Rosa
Experimental investigation on pore size distribution and drying kinetics during lyophilization of sugar solutions PDF
Petra Foerst, M. Lechner, N. Vorhauer, H. Schuchmann, E. Tsotsas
Microwave assisted convective drying of kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. sabellica L.) at stationary and non-stationary conditions PDF
Dominik Mierzwa, Justyna Szadzińska
Improvement of pea protein isolate powder properties by agglomeration in a fluidized bed: comparison between binder solutions PDF
R. F. Nascimento, K Andreola, J. G. Rosa, Osvaldir Pereira Taranto
Influence of drying conditions on the acacia gum particle growth in fluidized bed agglomeration: in-line monitoring of particle size PDF
Juliana G Rosa, R. F. Nascimento, K. Andreola, O. P. Taranto
Agglomeration of hydrolyzed collagen with blackberry pulp in a fluidized bed PDF
Thayná R Viegas, Osvaldir Pereira Taranto
Intermittent–microwave and convective drying of parsley PDF
Justyna Szadzińska, Dominik Mierzwa
Influence of process conditions on quality of spouted bed dried okara PDF
Gabriel Alves de Oliveira Scafi, Renan Alex Lazarin, Louise Emy Kurozawa
Effect of temperature and mode of drying on bioactive compounds and quality of germinated parboiled rice PDF
Supaporn Klaykruayat, Busarakorn Mahayothee, Marcus Nagle, Joachim Müller
Drying characteristics of wastewater sludge according to outside air inflow conditions PDF
Sang Hyun Oh, Ki Ho Park, Byoung Hyuk Yu, Sung Il Kim
Theoretical study and case analysis for a pre-dried pyrolysis coupled lignite-fired power system PDF
Rongtang Liu, Ming Liu, Junjie Yan
The effect of ohmic heating pretreatment on drying of apple PDF
Naciye Kutlu, Merve Silanur Yilmaz, Hicran Arslan, Aslı Isci, Ozge Sakiyan
Energy performance of an industrial superheated steam heat pump flash dryer for drying of bio-fuel PDF
Roger J. I. Renström, H. Johansson-Cider, L. Brunzell
Moisture sorption characteristics of pistachio PDF
Banu Koç, Gamze Atar, Nazan Çağlar
Spray drying of soymilk: evaluation of process yield and product quality PDF
Bruna Delamain Fernandez Olmos, Camila Benedetti Penha, Louise Emy Kurozawa
The prediction model of moisture content’s stabilization during tobacco strip drying process PDF
Mingjian Zhang, Feng Huang, Qing Chen, Le Wang, Haisheng Wang, Bin Li, Bing Wang
Influence of intermittent and continuous microwave heating on drying kinetics and wood behavior of Eucalyptus Gomphocephala PDF
Mariam Habouria, Sahbi Ouertani, Soufien Azzouz, Wahbi Jomaa, Mohamed Taher Elaib, Mohamed Afif Elcafci
Drying of acerola residues in a roto-aerated dryer assisted by infrared heating PDF
P.B. Silva, G. D. R. Nogueira, C. R. Duarte, Marcos A.S. Barrozo
Drying of microalga Spirulina platensis in a rotary dryer with inert bed PDF
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The intermittent drying of wheat by microwave and fluidized bed drying PDF
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Mechanistic modeling expedites the development of spray dried biologics PDF
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Drying of moist food snacks with innovative slot jet reattachment nozzle PDF
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Changing spray-dried lactose-whey protein isolate particle structure with drying conditions PDF
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Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) as pre-treatment for freeze-drying of plant tissues PDF
Lubana Al-Sayed, Virginie Boy, Emmanuel Madieta, Emira Mehinagic, Jean-Louis Lanoisellé
Hot air drying characteristics and nutrients of apricot armeniaca vulgaris lam pretreated with Radio Frequency(RF) PDF
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Quality analysis of fresh and dried mangoes PDF
S. Arendt, K. Jodicke, W. Hofacker, W. Speckle
Salting kinetics, salt diffusivities and proximate composition in osmotically dehydrated Pirarucu muscle PDF
Tiago Luís Barretto, Lilian Fachin Leonardo Betiol, Elisa Rafaella Bonadio Bellucci, Javier Telis-Romero, Andrea Carla da Silva Barretto
Influence of fat level reduction in the drying of Italian salami PDF
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Process of parboiling rice by microwave-assisted hot air fluidized bed technique PDF
Somkiat Prachayawarakorn, E. Saniso, T. Swasdisewi, S. Soponronnarit
Modelling batch drying of fine sand in a fountain confined conical spouted bed PDF
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Study of the behavior of a multistage dryer provided with downcomer PDF
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Strawberries hybrid drying combining airflow, dic technology and intermittent microwaves PDF
Ezzeddine Amami, Colette Besombes, Nabil Kechaou, Karim Allaf
Bubble behavior of fructooligosaccharides syrup during the belt drying process PDF
Lijuan Zhao, Dandan Wang, Tengfei Du, Junhong Yang, Jianguo Li, Zhonghua Wu
Production of dry-cured pork loin using water vapour permeable bags PDF
Ana Fuentes, S. Verdú, C. Fuentes, R. Grau, J. M. Barat
Reducing sodium content in dry-cured pork loin. A novel process using water vapour permeable bags PDF
Ana Fuentes, S. Verdú, C. Fuentes, R. Grau, J. M. Barat
Study on the general dynamic model of biomass drying processes PDF
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Evaluation of Izmir Tulum cheese pieces by drying with tray drier at different air flow rates and temperatures PDF
Gulsah Kizilalp, Izel Polat, Müge Urgu, Nurcan Koca
LNT microwave-multiphase transport model for the microwave drying of lignite thin layer PDF
Bi An Fu, Meiqian Chen, Q. H. Li
Description of atmospheric freeze-drying of brown seaweeds (Saccherina Latissima) with respect to thermal properties and phase transitions PDF
Ignat Tolstorebrov, Trygve Magne Eikevik, Inna Petrova, Michael Bantle
Description of atmospheric freeze-drying process of organic apples using thermo-physical properties PDF
Ignat Tolstorebrov, Trygve Magne Eikevik, Inna Petrova, Yulia Shokina, Michael Bantle
Exploring drying conditions for Mexican mesquite pods (Prosopis laevigata) PDF
Sadoth Sandoval Torres, D. López, J. Rodríguez, L. Mendez, L. V. Aquino
Effects of thermal intermittence on fruit characteristics and drying time in convective drying of mango (Mangifera indica L.) PDF
Laís Ravazzi Amado, Keila Souza Silva, Maria Aparecida Mauro
Development of cost-effective protocol for preparation of dehydrated paneer (Indian cottage cheese) using freeze drying PDF
Sadhana Sharma, P. H. Nema, N. Emanuel, S. Singha
The effect of different wall materials on the production of suppressed-pungent capsaicin microparticles PDF
Emine Varhan, Zehra Kasımoğlu, Mehmet Koç, Hilal Şahin Nadeem
Microbial load reduction using modified Solar Conduction Dryer with composite filters PDF
P. Jadhav, S. Ashokkumar, N. Nagwekar
Pressure drop characteristics of adjustable slotted distributor in fluidized bed PDF
Tong Zhao, Chaoran Liu, Qing Xu, Zhanyong Li, W. Juan
Coating effect of micro-sized droplets impacting on low temperature spherical particles PDF
Xiusheng Wu, Xiaoyu Ma, Qing Xu, Zhanyong Li, Ruifang Wang
Hybrid and intermittent drying of carrot (Daucus carota var. Nantes) PDF
Justyna Szadzińska, Dominik Mierzwa, Krzysztof Bukowski
Determination and modelling of the particle size dependent residence time distribution in a pilot plant spray dryer PDF
Nora Alina Ruprecht, Reinhard Kohlus
Application of microwaves in the convective drying of ceramic PDF
Kinga Rajewska, Andrzej Pawłowski
Drying of algae by various drying methods PDF
Bhaumik Bheda, Manoj Shinde, Rajaram Ghadge, Bhaskar Thorat
The influence of ethanol on the convective drying and on the nutritional quality of dekopon slices PDF
Ronaldo Elias de Mello-Júnior, Nathane Silva Resende, Jefferson Luiz Gomes Corrêa, Leila Aparecida Salles Pio, Elisângela Elena Nunes Carvalho
Osmotic dehydration of eggplant, carrot and beetroot slices: Effect of vacuum on phenolic acid composition PDF
João Renato de Jesus Junqueira, Jefferson Luiz Gomes Corrêa, Kamilla Soares de Mendonça, Ronaldo Elias Mello-Júnior, Lucas Barreto de Carvalho
Impact of processing temperature on drying behavior and quality changes in organic beef PDF
Gardis J.E. von Gersdorff, Luna Shrestha, Sharvari Raut, Stefanie K. Retz, Oliver Hensel, Barbara Sturm
Thermal - Vacuum dehydration and dispergation of dispersed materials PDF
Volodymyr Alexandrovich Kutovyi, Victor Tkachenko, Alice Nikolaenko
Development of polyphenols-enriched maple sugars by freeze- and vacuum drum drying technologies PDF
Sagar Bhatta, Tatjana Stevanovic, Cristina Ratti
Effect of incorporation of blackberry particles obtained by freeze drying on physicochemical properties of edible films PDF
Gislaine Ferreira Nogueira, Farayde Matta Fakhouri, Rafael Augustus de Oliveira
Investigation of spray agglomeration process in continuously operated horizontal fluidized bed PDF
J. Du, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas
Finish drying and surface sterilization of bay leaves by microwaves PDF
Ashish Kapoor, Parag Prakash Sutar
Influence of ultrasound assist during combined drying on ceramic materials quality and drying kinetics PDF
Andrzej Pawłowski, Weronika Trawińska
Microencapsulation of passion fruit extract (Passiflora biflora) by spray drying PDF
Daniela Aguilar, Olivia Rodriguez, Guadalupe Luna, Gregorio Zarate, Licet Bello
Microwave drying in fluidized bed to dehydrate microencapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. Temperature control strategies. PDF
J. Mardaras, J. I. Lombraña, M. C. Villarán
Influence of the temperature and ultrasound application in drying kinetics of apple skin PDF
Matheus P. Martins, Edgar J. Cortés, Carmen Rosselló, Ramón Peña, Juan A. Cárcel
Drying intensification by vibration: fundamental study of liquid water inside a pore PDF
Wangshu Chen, Julien Colin, Joel Casalinho, Mohamed El Amine Ben Amara, Moncef Stambouli, Patrick Perré
Influence of drying technique on physicochemical properties of bimodal meso-macropore structure of silica support PDF
Noppadol Panchan, Chalida Niamnuy, Thanaphat Chukeaw, Anusorn Seubsai, Sakamon Devahastin, Metta Chareonpanich
Wall deposition experiments in a new spray dryer PDF
Xing Huang, Chao Zhong, Timothy A. G. Langrish
Drying kinetics and selected physico - chemical properties of fresh cranberries preserved with microwave – vacuum process PDF
Jan Piecko, Dorota Konopacka, Monika Mieszczakowska-Frąc, Dorota Kruczyńska, Karolina Celejewska
Superheated Steam Dryer application for drying of sticky and pastry materials – particluar referens to distillers wet grain and solubles (DWGS) PDF
Prem Verma, Himart Suneb, Weis Aaron

Environmental issues - Oral presentation

Biodrying process: a sustainable technology for treatment of municipal solid wastes organic fraction PDF
Nabil Kechaou, E Ammar
Fluidized bed drying of petals of Echium amoenum Fisch. and C.A. Mey: energy analysis and carbon footprint PDF
Fatemeh Nadi, J.C. Atuonwu

Environmental issues - Poster presentation

Energy analysis of an ultrasound-assisted atmospheric freeze-drying process for food PDF
Daniele Merone, Domenico Colucci, Davide Fissore, Neus Sanjuán, Juan A. Cárcel
Preservation of mesophilic mixed culture for anaerobic palm oil mill effluent treatment by convective drying methods PDF
S. K. Chin, D. T. Tan, H. M. Tan, P. E. Poh
Bread preservation with use of edible packaging PDF
Viviane de Souza Silva, Farayde Matta Fakhouri, Luna Valentina Angulo Arias, Rosa Helena Aguiar, Rafael Augustus Oliveira
Assessment of the conditions of the thermoplastic extrusion process in the bioactive and mechanical properties of flexible films based on starch and Brazilian pepper PDF
Farayde Matta Fakhouri, Fernando Freitas deLima, Claudia Andrea Lima Cardoso, Silvia Maria Martelli, Marcelo Antunes, Lucia Helena Innocentini Mei, Fabio Yamashita, Jose Ignacio Velasco

Industrial session

Current needs of the pharmaceutical industry: opportunities and challenges for implementing novel drying technologies PDF
A. Langford, B. Luy, S. Ohtake
Dryer performance – Reducing energy consumption, improving the product and sharing information PDF
Michael Whaley, F. Poandl

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