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Development of the Happiness Index in a country
María T. Sanz García, Antonio Caselles, Joan Carles Micó, David Soler

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In this paper, a Happiness Index is built with quantitative variables that are defined in the United Nations Development Report (UNDP).

This Index is calculated through the terms that Caselles A. proposes in his research “Trying to evaluate the human dignity in a social group” which was presented in 9th Congress of the European Union of Systems (UES-EUS). Valencia (Spain), 2014. There, an exhaustive analysis of the literature has been done to conclude that the supreme value is Human Dignity and a Human Dignity Respect Index has been proposed.

In this work, the Happiness Index has been built from the Human Dignity Respect Index. Immediate subordinated values to human dignity are development, freedom and equality. Subordinates to equality are solidarity, justice and peace.

The aim of this paper is to obtain the minimum quantitative variables to explain these values as well as to obtain a generic formula, which allows measuring the happiness of a country/region per gender. The term “generic” is introduced because this formula could be extrapolated to any country, nevertheless in this work the index is calculated for a selection of countries.


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Happiness Index, Human Dignity, formula

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