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Design as a Critical Research
Marta Macedo Calejo, Graça Magalhães

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Historically the imaginary and the hegemonic thinking, in the Western North globe has been marked by the epistemology and capitalists archetypes. Notwithstanding the design as a practice and discipline seem shielded on a simplistic discourse of functional / communicative efficiency, wandering through multiple aestheticism apparently neutral in relation to the symbolic but in fact they never are because what really happens is that the aesthetic appearance of the generated forms will always be a review of the powers ruling. We start from understanding that the act of creating an aesthetic artefact will also be a movement of  inscription in a discursive platform (that precedes it)  thus being itself an narrative act and representing a positioning in relation to certain symbolic reality. On the presented reflection Design is seen as a discipline and / or an instrument of action, whose operational relevance tends to question and simultaneously rehearsing a response to not just the question why but also for what? Apparently Design is a content mediator, but also, it is structure, body and idea. We think design praxis as discipline and enrolment tool for critical thought and social transformation.

For guiding research in this text, we propose the following question: Can Design form an engagement with the symbolic for them in order to be an active part in the production of critical thinking in the place where it belongs? Methodologically our argument will be present in two different moments: 1. first, exploratory nature where we rescue the draw issues in the practice of design and 2. second, analytical nature concerning the subject issues (graphic and / or utility ) of design and how it incorporates formal rites, political events and social practices of contemporary everyday life. We consider the praxis of design as a discipline and critical thinking enrolment tool as agents of social transformation. With this study we seek to contribute to design’s phenomenology by studying the artefacts of configuration as well as the possible messages they convey and what impact they may have on the social network.


Palabras clave

Aesthetic, Ethic, Politic, Transformation, Periphery, Project, Democracy

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