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Emotional Branding: emotions and feelings aroused by the design of the olfactory experience of consumption according to the ecosystem approach to communication.
Sarah Batista

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This article discusses the recognition of semiotics experience and olfactory experienced by consumers in Farm brand’s physical store environment, so that it can be achieved the goal of conceptualizing the consumer olfactory design experience within the environment aroma of the brand from the semiotic point of view and the ecosystem approach to communication. In this sense, the theoretical background involves studying and researching of languages, representations and aesthetic communication from an ecosystem perspective, according to authors Monteiro (2011) and Pereira (2012), Peirce’s semiotics and the semiotics of culture, theory the affordances Gibson (1979) and Morin’s complex thought (2008). The developed research is qualitative, empirical and exploratory nature, it has having been used in its methodology techniques by Moraes and Mont'Alvão (2010) as a basis for modeling Farm brand’s communication ecosystem, as well as systematic observation Gil (2010) to collect data on the environment selected as analysis system target. The development of the research took place in the physical store of Farm brand, located in Shopping Manauara, placed in Manaus city, within the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences - PPGCCOM, from Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM. The main results can be mentioned the presentation of communication complexity of the brand studied through systematic analysis of their contact points and the subsequent location of the physical store environment and the aroma within this ecosystem, so that they can understand the process of management of intangible presence in the consumer experience organized with the aim and achieve the emotional and sensory consumer’s memory.


Palabras clave

Communicative ecosystems; Emotional Branding; Olfactory Experience; Semiotics Experience.

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