Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, Systems & Design: Beyond Processes and Thinking

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Design Thinking and its visual codes enhanced by the SiDMe Model as strategy for design driven innovation.
Cleuza Bittencourt Ribas Fornasier, Ana Paula Perfetto Demarchi, Rosane Fonseca de Freitas Martins

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The society is changing, leaving the old paradigm of work to a new one that is more dynamic and complex. In this context the way that the people consumes chance. In order to survive this scenery the companies has to innovate, but not only innovate based in the behaviours of the actual users, but innovate based in a person and its relations that do not exist yet, therefore the companies have to adopt the design driven innovation which brings advances dealing with knowledge of visual codes and meanings. This article aims to demonstrate how the model Strategic Integrator Design Management enhanced (SiDMe), which treat the design as a knowledge and adopt the design thinking, can lead companies to adopt incremental and radical innovation through design driven innovation. To do so it will discourse about the design driven innovation, design Thinking and present the SiDMe conceptual model. This research will work with the ex-post-facto delineation, using ethnography as a strategy, through the non-participant observation. After the application of the model it is evident that by the application of Design Thinking it will be able to help the companies to achieve incremental and radical innovation by the design driven innovation.


Palabras clave

design driven innovation, visual codes, design management

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