Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, Systems & Design: Beyond Processes and Thinking

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System development for its disclosure of Portuguese digital type design
Vítor Quelhas, Vasco Branco, Rui Mendonça

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This study aims to cover the current development of a platform for the disclosure of the Portuguese type design community, since the beginning of the desktop revolution, until today. 
To deepen our understanding, interviews were made to a selected and representative group of type designers from our sample based on several criteria. The interview tested six dimensions: people, processes, products, uses, identity and platform. The results analyzed in the last dimension, through content analysis and quantitative data, lead to the development of an online digital collaborative system – one of our specific objectives. 
Our hypothesis – that the development of a online digital collaborative system would allow further development of knowledge between products, users and authors, as well as, processes and uses – was also corroborated by the interviewers. 
Reviews have been made to reference international online projects to identify their purposes, areas of activity, objectives, mechanisms of interaction, usability and accessibility. This previous research brought together a set of notes that would become essential in the definition and development of our concept. 

The classification of typefaces is a subject of study by researchers and designers, but it is certainly not a topic for complete agreement. Organizing and balancing the content for the database was our first challenge since we were expecting users with good knowledge on the field, but also beginners. Several diagrams were put into test during the early stage of information architecture to better define categories, filters, and sorting methods, as well as users role in the system. The items and categories chosen were redefined in a second stage, and in the third stage hi-fidelity wireframes were produced, to concentrate on design aspects and decisions, and put the system into test and evaluation. 

The current results on the platform development, with the improvements made through several user tests, evaluations and refinements undertaken in all phases of the project have been crucial. We are expecting to run some pilot tests, as well as usability tests prior to the full implementation to further improve the system and meet the expectations.


Palabras clave

Digital type design; Typography; Platform; Process; System

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