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Infographics as a tool for business agreement
Nora Karina Aguilar Rendón, Nora Morales Zaragoza, José Luis Hernández Azpeitia

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This paper analyzes infographics as a problem solving tool to act as a medium for establishing dialog in the business context. Businness needs agreements, usually made in a written-form in a document called “brief”. The drawings, illustrations, visual narratives or infographic work can be considered a form of visual agreements for the participants. We present two case studies that consider the use of particular elements and cognitive processes involved in this visual agreement strongly connected to synthesis in dialog , memory and message clarity.

By analyzing the visual languaje structure of real case infographic projects of the national housing social debt collection process (Infonavit, 2010) and the problem of child obesity (Cepol, 2012) where drawing plays a major role as a tool to communicate the operation of visual imaginery, we suggest a prominent role of drawing in the shaping process of the client´s inner topology.

We introduce a preliminar analyitical framework –drawn from studies and theories like dual-coding theory (Pavios,1971), rhethoric, neurocognitive processes (Kosslyn, 1986), aesthetics and language philosophy (Goodman, 1978)– for understanding how this visual agreement denote and connote unstated viewing conventions and prioritize particular interpretations that can significantly affect the final solution.

Finally we identify areas of future inquiry of new approaches on identity construction from a synthetic representation point of view.


Palabras clave

infographics, agreement, businness, visual thinking

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