Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, Systems & Design: Beyond Processes and Thinking

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Multidisciplinary information application for structuring design.
Ayhan Enşici

Última modificación: 18-07-2016


Designers in teams continuously discuss information connected to design ideas, problems or solutions that whey developed in problem solving process. However some moments are more relevant for the process, thereby decisive for the final design. The “Critical situation method” (Badke-Schaub and Frankberger, 2003) which was developed in order to evaluate the data of the design work distinguishing between critical situations and routine work have been used to focus on those moments. Critical situations determine choice points with importance for the subsequent design process and the result. To track the information behavior patterns of the design team members provoking crucial design decision we concentrated critical situations of the types ‘goal analysis, goal decision’ and ‘solution-search, solution-analysis and, solution-decision’.


Palabras clave

Design Process,Information, Multidisciplinary Design Teams

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