Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, ILASS2017 - 28th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

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Towards Resolving the Atomization Process of an Idealized Fire Sprinkler with VOF Modeling
Karl Virgil Meredith, X. Zhou, Y. Wang

Last modified: 18-07-2017


Fire suppression modeling depends on accurate characterization of the atomization processes of fire sprinklers.Numerical modeling, particularly the volume of fluid (VOF) method, has been applied to understanding the atomization behavior of an idealized sprinkler geometry consisting of a 9.5 mm inner-diameter cylindrical nozzle and a flat, 25.4 mm diameter disk with a liquid flow rate of 0.87 L/s. The simulations have been performed with an OpenFOAM based VOF solver, using the isoAdvector scheme for interfacial reconstruction. The sheet breakup distance and film thickness were calculated and compared with measurements from a previous study. A mesh refinement study identified the sensitivities in the predicted quantities to mesh resolution. This study enables furtherapplication of the model to simulation of the fully atomized spray.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4995/ILASS2017.2017.5014

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