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Proceedings ILASS–Europe 2017. 28th Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems PDF
ILASS2017 Scientific Committee, Raul Payri, Xandra Margot


A study of the controlling parameters of fuel air mixture formation for ECN Spray A PDF
Konstantina Vogiatzaki, Cyril Crua, Robert Morgan, Morgan Heikal
Evidence of vortex driven primary breakup in high pressure fuel injection PDF
Junmei Shi, Pablo Aguado Lopez, Eduardo Gomez Santos, Noureddine Guerrassi, Gavin Dober, Wolfgang Bauer, Ming-Chia Lai, Jin Wang
CFD simulations of the diesel jet primary atomization from a multihole injector PDF
Charalambos Chasos
Large eddy simulations of atomisation and sprays: application to a high pressure multihole injector PDF
Paul Chausserie-Laprée, Jérome Hélie, Jeremy Chesnel, François-Xavier Demoulin


Influence of liquid properties on ultrasonic atomization PDF
Antonio Lozano, Juan Antonio García, Javier Alconchel, Félix Barreras, Esteban Calvo, José Luis Santolaya
Effect of excitation on gas centered swirl coaxial injectors PDF
Gujeong Park, Sukil Oh, Jinhyun Bae, Youngbin Yoon
Effect of liquid viscosity on the aerodynamic breakup of non-spherical droplets PDF
Konstantinos Bergeles, Georgios Charalampous, Yannis Hardalupas, Alex M. Taylor
Numerical Investigation of Droplet Impact on Smooth Surfaces with Different Wettability Characteristics: Implementation of a dynamic contact angle treatment in OpenFOAM. PDF
Konstantinos Vontas, Manolia Andredaki, Anastasios Georgoulas, Konstantinos Stefanos Nikas, Marco Marengo


A model for mono- and multi-component droplet heating and evaporation and its implementation into ANSYS Fluent. PDF
Luke Poulton, Oyuna Rybdylova, Sergei S. Sazhin, Cyril Crua, Mansour Qubeissi, Ahmed E. Elwardany
Modelling of spheroidal drop evaporation with non-uniform temperature conditions PDF
Gianpietro Elvio Cossali, Stefano Ravasio, Simona Tonini
Numerical studies of turbulent particle-laden jets using spatial approach of one-dimensional turbulence PDF
Marco Fistler, David O. Lignell, Alan Kerstein, Michael Oevermann
Energy Aspects in Spray Formation by Homogenous Flash Boiling Process PDF
Yahav Moshkovich, Yeshayahou Levy, Ilai Sher, Eran Sher


Modelling and validation of near-field Diesel spray CFD simulations based on the Σ -Y model PDF
J.M. Desantes, J.M. García-Oliver, J.M. Pastor, A. Pandal, B. Naud, K. Matusik, D. Duke, A. Kastengren, C. Powell, D.P. Schmidt
The liquid penetration of diesel substitutes PDF
Sebastian Riess, Lukas Weiss, Javad Rezaei, Andreas Peter, Michael Wensing
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on rotary Bell Atomizers with predominant Air Flow Rates PDF
Nico Guettler, Stephan Paustian, Qiaoyan Ye, Oliver Tiedje
Investigations on nano- and submicron-particle generation by spray painting processes PDF
Qiaoyan Ye, Oliver Tiedje, Shreyas Rohit Srinivas, Thomas Noest, Uhrrich Uhrner
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Phase Separation due to Multi-Component Mixing at High-Pressure Conditions PDF
Christoph Traxinger, Hagen Müller, Michael Pfitzner, Steffen Baab, Grazia Lamanna, Bernhard Weigand, Jan Matheis, Christian Stemmer, Nikolaus A. Adams, Stefan Hickel
Spreading model for wall films generated by high-pressure sprays PDF
Quentin Lamiel, Nicolas Lamarque, Jérome Hélie, Dominique Legendre


Application of dry-ice for transient spray cooling PDF
Miguel Panao, José Costa, Mário Bernardo
Effect of Prefilmer Edge Thickness on Breakup Phenomena of Liquid Film in Prefilming Airblast Atomizer PDF
Takahiro Okabe, Naoki Katagata, Toshihiro Sakaki, Takao Inamura, Koji Fumoto
Spray Conditioning for the Preparation of Spray Dried Submicron Particles PDF
Ramona Klaudia Gorny, Gerhard Schaldach, Peter Walzel, Markus Thommes
Multiple Impinging Jet Air-Assisted Atomization PDF
Bruno Pizziol, Mário Costa, Miguel Panao, André Silva
Investigation on the role of atomization air mixing on the spray characteristics of air assisted atomizer PDF
Noritsune Kawaharada, Markus Höltermann, Jan Wichmar, Friedrich Dinkelacker
Effects of Injection Nozzle Geometry on Spray Characteristics for Direct Injection Diesel Engines PDF
Nobushige Tamaki, Takato Harada


Fuel spray vapour distribution correlations for a high pressure diesel fuel spray cases for different injector nozzle geometries. PDF
Darlington Njere, Nwabueze Emekwuru
Spray/wall interaction analysis on an ECN single-hole injector at diesel-like conditions through Schlieren visualization. PDF
Raul Payri, Jaime Gimeno, Jesús Enrique Peraza, Tim Bazyn
An Experimental Study of Diesel Spray Impingement on a Flat Plate: Effects of Injection Conditions PDF
Xiucheng Zhu, Le Zhao, Zhihao Zhao, Nitisha Ahuja, Jeffrey Naber, Seong-Young Lee
Quantification of diesel injector dribble using 3D reconstruction from x-ray and DBI imaging PDF
Vitaliy Sechenyh, Jack Turner, Dan Sykes, Daniel J Duke, Andrew B Swantek, Katarzyna E Matusik, Alan Kastengren, Christopher Powell, Alberto Viera, Raul Payri, Cyril Crua
Zooming into primary breakup mechanisms of high-pressure automotive sprays PDF
Valeri Kirsch, Manuel A. Reddemann, Johannes Palmer, Reinhold Kneer


Internal flow and air core dynamics in simplex and spill-return pressure-swirl atomizers PDF
Milan Maly, Lada Janáčková, Jan Jedelský, Jaroslav Sláma, Marcel Sapík, Graham Wigley
Behaviour of free falling viscoelastic liquid jets PDF
Christophe Tirel, Marie-Charlotte Renoult, Christophe Dumouchel, Jean-Bernard Blaisot
Detailed simulation of air-assisted spray atomization: effect of numerical scheme at intermediate Weber number PDF
Giovanni Tretola, Konstantina Vogiatzaki, Salvador Navarro-Martinez
Towards Resolving the Atomization Process of an Idealized Fire Sprinkler with VOF Modeling PDF
Karl Virgil Meredith, X. Zhou, Y. Wang
Numerical Simulation of Like and Unlike Impinging Jets PDF
Hamed Dolatkhahi, Ghader Oliaee, Azadeh Kebriaee


Time resolved thermographic analysis of droplet impacts onto heated surfaces under extreme wetting scenarios PDF
Pedro Pontes, Emanuele Teodori, Ana Sofia Moita, António Luís Nobre Moreira
Instantaneous heat transfers at the impact of a droplet onto a hot surface in the film boiling regime PDF
William Chaze, Guillaume Castanet, Ophélie Caballina, Denis Maillet, Jean-François Pierson, Fabrice Lemoine
Experimental study on the effect of initial liquid droplet size on the evaporation in a heterogeneous droplet PDF
Kun Hyuk Sung, Jun Seok Nam, Gi Bae Hong, Hong Sun Ryou
Selected Results of the Collaborative Research Center "Droplet Dynamics under Extreme Ambient Conditions" SFB/TRR 75 PDF
Cameron Tropea, Bernhard Weigand, Kathri Schulte
Experimental and numerical study on sensible heat transfer at droplet/wall interactions PDF
Emanuele Teodori, Pedro Pontes, Ana Sofia Moita, António Luís Nobre Moreira, Anastasios Georgoulas, Marco Marengo


A study on the relationship between internal nozzle geometry and injected mass distribution of eight ECN Spray G nozzles. PDF
Katarzyna E Matusik, Daniel J Duke, Nicholas Sovis, Andrew B Swantek, Christopher F Powell, Raul Payri, Daniel Vaquerizo, Sebastian Giraldo-Valderrama, Alan L Kastengren
Flashboiling atomization in nozzles for GDI engines PDF
Sebastian Bornschlegel, Chris Conrad, Lisa Eichhorn, Michael Wensing
Measurement of a Direct Water-Gasoline-Emulsion-Injection PDF
Thilo Wagner, Hermann Rottengruber, Frank Beyrau, Plamen Dragomirov, Maximilian Schaub
High speed visualization of gasoline pump injector (GPI) PDF
Nallannan Balasubramanian, Titus Iwaszkiewicz, Jayabalan Sethuraman
Oxygenated fuels properties and its relationship with engine performance in port fuel injection engines. PDF
Uriel Gonzalez, Isaac Schifter


Primary breakup of liquids using a high-speed rotary bell atomizer for spray painting processes PDF
Bo Shen, Qiaoyan Ye, Oliver Tiedje, Joachim Domnick
Mechanisms of Liquid Stream Breakup: Vorticity and Time and Length Scales PDF
Arash Zandian, William A Sirignano, Fazle Hussain
Direct numerical simulation of an atomizing biodiesel jet: Impact of fuel properties on atomization characteristics PDF
Yue Ling, Guillaume Legros, Stéphane Popinet, Stéphane Zaleski
Experimental Characterization of Spray generated by a Rotary Atomizer Wheel PDF
Maximilian Kuhnhenn, Max Frederik Luh, Tórstein Vincent Joensen, Ilia V. Roisman, Cameron Tropea
Subgrid Liquid Flux and interface modelling for LES of Atomization PDF
Javier Anez, Aqeel Ahmed, Stefano Puggelli, Julien Reveillon, Jorge César Brändle de Motta, François-Xavier Demoulin


Comparison between analytical, numerical, and experimental results of grouping effects in droplet streams PDF
Norbert Roth, Hassan Gomaa, Alon Livne, David Katoshevski, Bernhard Weigand
Comparison between numerical and experimental water-in-oil dispersion in a microchannel PDF
Philippe Desjonquères, Thibault Ménard, Dominique Tarlet, Jérôme Bellettre
Simulation of droplet spreading on micro-CT reconstructed 3D real porous media using the volume-of-fluid method PDF
Mahmoud Aboukhedr, Nicholas Mitroglou, Anastasios Georgoulas, Marco Marengo, Konstantina Vogiatzaki
Numerical analysis of sprays with an advanced collision model PDF
Martin Sommerfeld, Santiago Lain
Microexplosion and Puffing of an Emulsion Fuel Droplet PDF
Jun Xia, Junji Shinjo


Influence of Stokes Number on Collisional Interfacial Area Production Terms within the Σ-Y Eulerian Spray Atomization Model PDF
Dominik Eichler, Philipp Pischke, Reinhold Kneer
A new approach to modelling the two way coupling for momentum transfer in a hollow-cone spray PDF
Andreas Papoutsakis, Sergei Sazhin, Steven Begg, Ionut Danaila, Francky Luddens
Mathematical models for turbulent round jets based on “ideal” and “lossy” conservation of mass and energy PDF
Fermin Franco, Yasuhide Fukumoto
Maximum entropy method for biodiesel spray droplet distribution PDF
Ruslana Kolodnytska, Sergiy Skurativskyi, Pavel Moskvin


Experimental Investigation on the Early Stage Spray Characteristics with Biodiesel and Diesel PDF
Shenghao Yu, Bifeng Yin, Shuai Wen, Xifeng Li, Hekun Jia, Jianda Yu
Properties of Fuel Spray Obtained by Electrohydrodynamic Atomization PDF
Michel Daaboul, Nicolas Saba, Jihad Rishmany, Christophe Louste
Characterization of Liquid Impinging Jet Injector Sprays for Bi-Propellant Space Propulsion: Comparison of PDI and High-Magnification Shadowgraphy PDF
Bastien Boust, Quentin Michalski, Alain Claverie, Clément Indiana, Marc Bellenoue
Fundamental analysis of liquid breakup mechanism in a rotary atomizer with square discharge orifice PDF
Mostafa Ghorbanhoseini, Sajad Rezayat, Mohammad Farshchi


Coupled study of film and spray on a basic annular prefiming airblast atomizer PDF
Valentin Gosselin, Bernard Ferret, Rudy Bazile
Influence of droplet clustering in sprays on liquid deposition rate on spherical targets PDF
Paul Andrade, Georgios Charalampous, Yannis Hardalupas
Viability of coaxial atomization for disintegration of cell solutions in cell spray applications PDF
Malte Bieber, Sarah Menzel, Anja Lena Thiebes, Christian Gabriel Cornelissen, Stefan Jockenhoevel, Reinhold Kneer, Manuel Armin Reddemann
Numerical Simulation of the Dispersion and Deposition of a Spray Carried by a Pulsating Airflow in a Patient-Specific Human Nasal Cavity PDF
Ali Farnoud, Xinguang Cui, Ingo Baumann, Eva Gutheil


Analysis of PDA measurements in double injection GDI sprays PDF
Lucio Araneo, Robert Dondè, Lucio Postrioti, Andrea Cavicchi
Imaging of gasoline-like sprays with planar laser-induced exciplex fluorescence using a stereoscopic imaging system PDF
Mats Andersson, Akichika Yamaguchi, Hua Wang
Transcritical mixing of sprays for multi-component fuel mixtures PDF
Julien Manin, Cyril Crua, Lyle M. Pickett
Influence of the Fuel Properties on the Injection Process and Spray Development in a large ship diesel Engine PDF
Ibrahim Najar, Bert Buchholz, Benjamin Stengel, Christian Fink, Egon Hassel
Characteristics of Control Piston Motion and Pressure Inside of a Common Rail Diesel Injector PDF
Sebastian Schuckert, Georg Wachtmeister
LIF/Mie Droplet Sizing of Water Sprays from SCR System Injector using Structured Illumination PDF
Łukasz Jan Kapusta


Numerical simulation of superheated jets using an Eulerian method. PDF
Konstantinos Lyras, Siaka Dembele, C. Madhav Rao Vendra, Jennifer Wen
Supercritical and transcritical real-fluid mixing using the PC-SAFT EOS PDF
Carlos Rodriguez, Alvaro Vidal, Phoevos Koukouvinis, Manolis Gavaises
Where does the drop size distribution come from? PDF
Romain Canu, Christophe Dumouchel, Benjamin Duret, Mohamed Essadki, Marc Massot, Thibault Ménard, Stefano Puggelli, Julien Reveillon, François-Xavier Demoulin
Weakly nonlinear instability of a viscous liquid jet PDF
Marie-Charlotte Renoult, Günter Brenn, Innocent Mutabazi
Flexible Piezoelectric Drop-On-Demand Droplet Generation PDF
Norbert Riefler, Thomas Wriedt, Udo Fritsching
A Comprehensive Predictive Model to Predict Droplets Size Distribution in Pressure Swirl Atomizer PDF
Sajad Jafari, Azadeh Kebriaee, Shahin Sohrabi


Determination of Heat and Flow Characteristics in Spray Cooling with Rectangular Finned Heat Sink PDF
Altuğ Karabey, Kenan Yakut
Liquid-Liquid Secondary Fragmentation with Solidification PDF
M. Hadj-Achour, Nicolas Rimbert, M. Gradeck
Planar droplet sizing: Application to a spray of Jet A1 kerosene PDF
Pierre Doublet, Christine Lempereur, Virginel Bodoc, Mikael Orain, Pierre Gajan
Development steps of 2-color laser-induced fluorescence with MDR-enhanced energy transfer for instantaneous planar temperature measurement of micro-droplets and sprays PDF
Johannes Palmer, Manuel Reddemann, Valeri Kirsch, Reinhold Kneer
High Speed X-Ray Imaging for Nozzle Exit Velocity and Density Distribution Measurements of GDI Nozzles PDF
Raphael Distler, Christoph Hamann, Martin Krämer, Eberhard Kull, Michael Wensing, Zhilong Li, Ya Gao, Jin Wang


Influence of the chemical mechanism in the frame of diesel-like CFD reacting spray simulations using a presumed PDF flamelet-based combustion model PDF
Francisco Payri, José María García-Oliver, Ricardo Novella, Eduardo Javier Pérez-Sánchez
Analytical / Computational Approach to Liquid Spray Heating and Vaporization at Supercritical Pressures PDF
Albert Jorda Juanos, William A Sirignano
Theory of Stagnation-Point Spray Flame Ignition PDF
Gershon Kats, J. Barry Greenberg
Polydisperse spray flames in vortex flows PDF
Yuval Dagan, David Katoshevski, Barry J Greenberg


Experimental investigation of size effects in colliding droplet PDF
Lars Pasternak, Martin Sommerfeld
Splashing of a very viscous liquid drop impacting onto a solid wall wetted by another liquid PDF
Hannah M Kittel, Ilia V Roisman, Cameron Tropea
Drop Stream – Immiscible Jet Collisions: Regimes and Fragmentation Mechanisms PDF
Carole Planchette, Hannes Hinterbichler, Günter Brenn
Generalized analysis of the deposition/splashing limit for one- and two-component droplet impacts upon thin films PDF
Ronan Bernard, Patrick Foltyn, Anne Geppert, Grazia Lamanna, Bernhard Weigand
Experimental study of liquid-vapor mass transfer in non-reacting and reacting droplet chains PDF
Michael Stöhr, Stefanie Werner, Wolfgang Meier


Vapor phase penetration measurements with both single and double-pass Schlieren for the same injection event PDF
Raul Payri, Francisco Javier Salvador, Gabriela Bracho, Alberto Viera
X-ray diagnostics of dodecane jet in spray A conditions using the new one shot engine (NOSE) PDF
Chiboub Ibrahim, Ajrouche Hugo, Nilaphai Ob, Dozias Sébastien, Moreau Bruno, Hespel Camille, Foucher fabrice, Mounaïm-Rousselle christine, Pouvelse Jean-Michel, Robert Eric
A quantitative analysis of nozzle surface bound fuel for diesel injectors PDF
Jack Turner, Dan Sykes, Guillaume De Sercey, Viacheslav Stetsyuk, Martin Gold, Richard Pearson, Cyril Crua
Design and experiments to investigate spray and impingement characteristics of a common rail type lubrication system PDF
Matthias Stark, Arturo de Risi, Marcelo Giangreco, Simon Diggelmann


Multi-scale Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of a liquid jet in cross-flow under acoustic perturbations PDF
Swann Thuillet, Davide Zuzio, Olivier Rouzaud, Pierre Gajan
Investigation of the Influence of Microexplosions on a Laminar Premixed Water-in-Fuel Emulsion Spray Flame PDF
Neta Yokev, J.B. Greenberg
Spray and Combustion Characterizations of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) blend at High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions PDF
Nilaphai Ob, Ajrouche Hugo, Hespel Camille, Moreau Bruno, Chanchaona Somchai, Foucher Fabrice, Mounaim-Rousselle Christine
Computational Prediction of Primary Breakup in Fuel Spray Nozzles for Aero-Engine Combustors PDF
Thilo Ferdinand Dauch, Samuel Braun, Lars Wieth, Geoffroy Chaussonnet, Marc Christoph Keller, Rainer Koch, Hans-Jörg Bauer


Experimental and Computational Investigation of binary drop collisions under elevated pressure PDF
Louis Maximilian Reitter, Muyuan Liu, Jan Breitenbach, Kuan-Ling Huang, Dieter Bothe, Günter Brenn, Kuo-Long Pan, Ilia V. Roisman, Cameron Tropea
Experimental investigation on puffing and micro-explosion occurrence of water in rapeseed oil emulsions droplets. Effect of the surfactant concentration. PDF
Eliezer Ahmed Melo-Espinosa, Jerome Bellettre, Dominique Tarlet, Ramon Piloto-Rodriguez, Sebastian Verhelst
Experimental Investigation of Droplet Injections in the Vicinity of the Critical Point: A comparison of different model approaches PDF
Christoph Steinhausen, Grazia Lamanna, Bernhard Weigand, Rolf Stierle, Joachim Groß, Andreas Preusche, Andreas Dreizler
Break up length on Urea Water Solution jet in hot cross flow PDF
Senthilkumar P, Shamit Bakshi, Anand T.N.C


Spray ignition and local flow properties in a swirled confined spray-jet burner: experimental analysis PDF
Javier Marrero Santiago, Antoine Verdier, Alexis Vandel, Gilles Godard, Gilles Cabot, Bruno Renou
Visualization of pilot flame of an optically-accessible coaxially-staged aero-engine lean-burn fuel injector PDF
Kazuaki Matsuura, Shunya Uesaka, Tomoyuki Iwasaki, Yoji Kurosawa, Hideshi Yamada, Takeshi Yamamoto, Shigeru Hayashi
Spray Combustion Chamber: History and Future of a Unique Test Facility PDF
Andreas Schmid, Naoki Yamada
Study of the soot quantification for two-stage injection of hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel in a constant-volume combustion chamber PDF
Cao Jiawei, He Zhixia, Li Bei, Zhong Wenjun, Wang Mei


Towards design optimization of high-pressure gasoline injectors using Genetic Algorithm coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) PDF
Robin Hellmann, Paul Jochmann, Karl Georg Stapf, Erik Schuenemann, László Daróczy, Dominique Thévenin
Investigation of the effects of fluid properties representation and boundary condition selection in numerical simulations of micro scale flows with phase change PDF
Daniel Pearce, Konstantina Vogiatzaki, A.M.K.P Taylor, Yannis Hardalupas
Numerical simulation of compressible cavitating two-phase flows with a pressure-based solver PDF
Marco Cristofaro, Wilfried Edelbauer, Manolis Gavaises, Phoevos Koukouvinis
Numerical investigation of the role of heat transfer in bubble dynamics PDF
Stavros Rafail Fostiropoulos, Ilias Malgarinos, George Strotos, Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Emmanouil Kakaras, Phoevos Koukouvinis, Manolis Gavaises


Evaluation of the combustion characteristics of isolated droplets of Jet A blended with ethanol and butanol PDF
Álvaro Muelas, Pilar Remacha, Javier Ballester
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Dispersed and Continuous Liquid Film under Boiling conditions PDF
Chaouki Habchi, Nicolas Lamarque, Jerome Helie, Stéphane Jay
Development of an evaporation model for the dense spray region in Eulerian-Eulerian multiphase flow simulations PDF
Stefano Puggelli, Lorenzo Palanti, Antonio Andreini, François-Xavier Demoulin
Drop Impact onto a Metallic Porous Layer: Effect of Liquid Viscosity and Air Entrapment PDF
Cristina Boscariol, Dipak Sarker, Boseon Kang, Cyril Crua, Marco Marengo


Visualisation and quantitative analysis of the near nozzle formation and structure of a high pressure water jet in air and water. PDF
Sarah Jasper, Jeanette Hussong, Ralph Lindken
Experimental investigation of Ethane and Propane injection under sub- and super-critical conditions PDF
Nathalie Vallee, Guillaume Ribert, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, Denis Lisiecki
An improved image processing method for particle characterization by shadowgraphy PDF
Hua Wang, Francisco Felis, Severine Tomas, Fabien Anselmet, Muriel Amielh
Measurement of polymeric time scales from linear drop oscillations PDF
Gregor Plohl, Günter Brenn
Visualization of water droplet deformation and breakup in a continuously accelerating flow field PDF
Adelaida Garcia-Magariño, Suthyvann Sor, Angel Velazquez
Analysis of Heat and Flow Characteristics on Spray Cooling Heat Transfer with an Optimized Hexagonal Finned Heat Sink PDF
Faruk Yesildal, Kenan Yakut


Statistical methods of images analysis as an essential tool in the assessment process of computer methods intended for numerical simulations of cavitating flows PDF
Agnieszka Niedźwiedzka, Seweryn Lipiński
Effect of geometry of real-size transparent nozzles on cavitation and on the atomizing jet in the near field PDF
Yujun Cao, Said Idlahcen, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, Claude Rozé, Loïc Méès, David Maligne
VOF Simulation of The Cavitating Flow in High Pressure GDI Injectors PDF
Filippo Giussani, Andrea Montorfano, Federico Piscaglia, A. Onorati, Jerome Helie
High-speed X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging of String Cavitation in a Diesel Injector Orifice PDF
Ioannis Karathanassis, Phoevos Koukouvinis, Massimo Lorenzi, Efstathios Kontolatis, Zhilong Li, Jin Wang, N. Mitroglou, Manolis Gavaises
High Speed Shadowgraphy of Transparent Nozzles as an Evaluation Tool for In-Nozzle Cavitation Behavior of GDI Injectors PDF
Dmitrii Mamaikin, Tobias Knorsch, Philipp Rogler, Philippe Leick, Michael Wensing
Binary cavitation in a transparent three hole GDI nozzle PDF
Humberto Chaves, Sebastian Donath


Models for automotive fuel droplets heating and evaporation PDF
Mansour al Qubeissi, Sergei Sazhin, Nawar Al-Esawi
Numerical investigation of the aerodynamic breakup of diesel droplets under various gas pressures PDF
Dionisis Stefanitsis, Ilias Malgarinos, George Strotos, Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Emmanouil Kakaras, Manolis Gavaises
Droplets heating and evaporation: an application to diesel-biodiesel fuel mixtures PDF
Mansour al Qubeissi, Nawar Al-Esawi, Sergei S Sazhin
Expansion rates of bubble clusters in superheated liquids PDF
Dirk Dietzel, Timon Hitz, Claus-Dieter Munz, Andreas Kronenburg
Kinetic and MD modelling of automotive fuel droplets heating and evaporation: recent results PDF
Dilute polymer solution drops impacting on heated surfaces: New impact morphologies and impact regime maps PDF
Chetan Lakhanpal, Volfango Bertola

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