Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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The e-Branding in Ecuador and the e-University.
Ariana Daniela Del-Pino-Espinoza, María Nuria Lloret-Romero

Last modified: 06-05-2019


This paper presents an analysis of all the universities in Ecuador, in order to evaluate the use of digital media and obtain information on the management of university e-branding. The study explores, to a large extent, the digital variables currently used for broadcasting and we include the resources of two indexed databases as a dissemination flow. All this data has been analyzed through statistics and web performance tools. The results indicate the universities in Ecuador do not present a clear use of the academic e-branding as a strategy of dissemination, exposure, and visibility improvement to increase their ranking level. However, it is clear that some have demonstrated the relevance of the uses of these systems to improve their worldwide level spread.


visibility; university e-branding; Ecuador; universities; social networks; academic networks; professional networks; web

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