Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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Development of an application for mobile devices with augmented reality for the teaching of fracture characteristics
José Alonso Oviedo Monroy, Andrés Mauricio Arciniegas

Last modified: 13-05-2019


Introduction: this article is a product of the innovation project “Integration of augmented reality in the teaching-learning process of bone injuries”, developed during 2018 in the Trade and Services Center of the National Training Service SENA in Tolima. Problem: The Trade and Services Center, and the technological network of health services does not have an easily accessible tool that allows you to permanently develop a knowledge check against possible cases of polytraumatism and the incidence of fractures in front of the epidemiological profile making an identification of the characteristics of the same. Objective: Integrate augmented reality tools in the teaching-learning process of bone injuries. Methodology: Descriptive-propositive of qualitative nature, descriptive when skeletal lesions were characterized and propositive as soon as an application for mobile devices was generated aimed at improving the teaching-learning process of fractures. Results: a mobile application based on Augmented Reality was developed, which supports the teaching-learning process of bone injuries. Conclusions: three-dimensional models of bones and bone lesions have been recreated, allowing trainees to assimilate their characteristics and primary management effectively, thus reinforcing their learning through interactive contents. Limitations: the project only covers the learning of bone injuries.


Augmented Reality; teaching; learning; mobile application; fracture

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