Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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University training in energy efficiency to respond to European EPBD objectives. USE Efficiency Project
Elisa Penalvo-López, F. Javier Cárcel-Carrasco, Joaquín Montañana-Romeu, Vicente León-Martínez

Last modified: 13-05-2019


Energy efficiency in buildings is one of the main challenges in EU policy, since it is difficult to find common strategies and policies among Member States.  This article describes the USE Efficiency project, an initiative to create a common training framework for energy efficiency systems in buildings based on the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD), through university actions. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples both for energy efficiency solutions and for energy efficiency behaviour.  Moreover, involving university students guarantees acting on closest future market players and most convincing actor in diffusion of public opinions.

The project aims to improve energy efficiency in university buildings and to establish training program for students around European countries.  In fact, this activity involves 9 Universities (Technology Faculties and Faculties of Engineering) and 4 technological and market players from widespread countries in EU.

Initially, a mapping of the methodologies used for evaluating energy efficiency at the different countries is carried out. Students are trained in energy efficiency methods and strategies, having real work experience implementing these Energy Performance Assessment (EPA) methodologies in their own buildings. The wide geographical coverage of the consortium allows an important crossover of methodologies to achieve technical results even to a professional and technological level. Then, the analysed buildings at each university are monitored in order to collect data, which are then used to plan solutions to improve energy performance of the university buildings.

This paper describes this innovative training initiative, which involves students as main actors, working and interacting together with professors and technicians in order to improve energy efficiency in their educational centres.


University students training; Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD); Energy Performance Assessment (EPA); energy efficiency; buildings; European project

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